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Education 5 Effective Ways To Increase School Safety And Security using erp system

Nowadays, it might be difficult to increase school safety and security, especially with the rise in security risks over the previous year. Whether you’re a teacher or a school administrator, there are lots of possibilities available. With so many safety measures available, you might find anything that appeals to you. It is imperative to be able to prepare your school and your pupils for any security concerns, especially if you want to maintain the standard of instruction.

  • Securing The School’s Data

Especially when it comes to information on their students, educational institutions have access to a wealth of confidential data, including addresses, financial and banking information, academic records, and much more. Unauthorized access to this sensitive student data might constitute a serious data security breach with far-reaching effects on the students, the faculty, and the school’s reputation.

Limiting access to authorized workers, and using a school management system is a beautiful approach to safeguard the school’s data. Similar to this, the school management system enables tracking of who accessed what data and flags any abnormalities immediately.

  • Visitor Monitoring

A visitor management system for their campus is made possible by an ERP system for schools and universities. Basically, this begins with giving registered parents, guardians, and friends of the pupils a photo-biometric identification. This guarantees that the biometric verification adds additional protection when the appropriate parent or guardian arrives to pick up the child. 

This feature of the attendance management system also serves as a means of keeping schools, parents, and guardians informed about the many visitors who come to see their kids while also informing the parents about the duration and purpose of their visits. This is a terrific method to stay informed about the different visitors on campus and to keep the school’s security team informed about the safety of the guests that come to see their children.

  • Transportation Safety

Having a mobile application to link parents and children using the transportation module is one of the main benefits of having an ERP system for schools. It enables parents to track their kids while they commute to school and makes it possible to find them on the school bus at any time during the trip by utilizing the mobile application.

The transport management function of the school ERP system allows for the tracking of the buses and the provision of the necessary information to the authorities and school management. This function is crucial to enable speedy reactions to breakdowns, mishaps, and other emergencies that may occur during the students’ commute. This constant driver accountability and speed monitoring are two more benefits that the school receives from this real-time visibility.

As a result, the school ERP system also monitors the school’s transportation system, giving parents complete peace of mind.

  • Communicating With The Parents Frequently

 Today’s school ERP, however, has features that enable schools to broadcast or send SMS alerts and automated messages to parents who have registered with the school. This capacity is vital to maintaining a sense of safety at the school and providing parents with much-needed peace of mind. It ensures that children and their families are instantly and automatically alerted of emergency situations.

  • Network Protection

Nowadays, the majority of colleges and universities have sizable campuses that are dispersed over many places. 


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