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Top 10 Crypto Play-to-Earn Games

Play-to-earn games utilize blockchain innovation and offer players the chance to generate crypto rewards for their ability and exertion.

In this aide, we analyze the 10 Best Play to Earn Crypto Games? This covers main metrics focusing on gameplay features, devices, what rewards you can acquire, and how you can start today.

1. Smooth Love Potion (SLP)

Blockchain gaming and the crypto world are presumably natural, and people like to start playing axie vastness. Isn’t that right? A Large number of young Filipinos leave their jobs to earn $2k per month playing this well-known crypto game.

As In the version like axie infinity, you can procure token $SLP. The nearest token to possessing stock in a corporation is AXS, which addresses governance. As holders of these local tokens, you can influence Axie infinity by casting a ballot and proposing changes.

2. Decentraland (MANA)

Without a doubt, this will be one of the most well-known crypto games in the market.

Thus, With Decentraland, users can govern a common virtual world with the assistance of a worldwide network of users. Also, The virtual universe of this game allows users to trade digital real estate while investigating, engaging, and playing games.

3. Illuvium

In Illuvium, players participate in auto-fights. Moreover, LIV tokens are earned by winning battles, finishing daily missions, and ranking up.

The NFT arts, Illuvials, can also be gathered by players. The marketplace also offers updates and exchanges for illuvial. It is also vital to note that Illuvium is run on Permanent X, so there are no gas charges to pay.

4. RushRaids

In RushRaids Crypto game, there are different multiplayer competition levels available, users can choose the level that matches their ability and the number of remunerations they need to acquire, lower levels will have low entry fees and prize money would be lower also,

There are a lot of various ways to earn VirtuaCoin in RushRaids from purchasing Game Arena as NFT Land to playing in competitions. Join the Excursion today.


Are you inquisitive to know the best mobile crypto gaming coins ideas as well as the best crypto coin games then, this horse racing game is ideally suited for you.

An NFT addresses a horse in ZED RUN, a blockchain-based game. The features of each horse can bring about a champion stallion, or you might find that your horse would be perfect as a stud. With blockchain games, our trade will also offer these tokens for trade.

6. Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds, a blockchain-based free crypto game based on WAX, is one of the most captivating play-to-earn crypto games in the metaverse. For this metaverse game, you really need Trillium (TLM) money to mine Non-fungible tokens.

Because of its similarity with Ethereum, WAX, and Binance smart chain, Alien World is a valuable coin. Using free mining tools will not expect you to invest any money.


Gamefi and SocialFi components are incorporated into the STEPN application to empower strolling, jogging, and running utilizing move-to-earn systems like customary games.

STEPN’s governance token, GMT, is utilized to buy Non-fungible tokens sneakers from STEPN. GST game tokens are the main game tokens with a limitless inventory that players can earn by practicing among the top crypto games.

8. Star Atlas

Because of the Solana blockchain, Star Atlas is a computer-generated simulation platform based on the metaverse. Playing a space explorer as a web-based game means buying a spaceship, buying supplies, and arriving on different planets to investigate and fight with different players.

A governance token, ATLAS, and a game token, POLIS, are available in this game.

9. Farming Tales

The Metaverse as a place for horticulture? You will have a great time playing farming tales. Players gather NFTs in this play-to-earn crypto game because of the blockchain using tools in crypto. To start farming with genuine farming experience, you really need a set or solitary NFT.

Farming tales offer various lands for you to investigate. Water towers (water supply) can be bought for around USD45 and land for as low as USD100.

10. Plant Vs Undead

Play Plant Vs Undead, the best farming game with complete missions and prizes for Players who aren’t excessively intrigued by battle games will find Plant Vs Undead relaxing, for play-to-earn in crypto games to make money.

You sporadically guard your plants against undead assaults in this game, but your main game spotlights are on raising Non-fungible tokens plants and developing your farm.


Valuable Crypto Game Coins? There will be an expansion in the number of play-to-earn games in the crypto gaming space. The modest bunch of play-to-earn games we featured here are just a small part of the available play-to-earn crypto games.

To get everything rolling with crypto gaming, all significant tokens are available for procurement. VirtuaCoin gives the best-developed facilities and exceptionally qualified specialists. Please get in touch with us on our site if you are intrigued.

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