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wealth management expert in Dubai

Creating disciplined asset and wealth management strategies in Dubai for individuals, business owners and families to achieve financial goals You have worked hard to build your wealth, all you need now is a trusted advisor to protect and distribute your investments. Hire top wealth management expert in Dubai, to manage your investment portfolio acrossthe board in any GCC country or your home country.

The Efficient Approach to Wealth Management

Individuals, businesses and families have their own requirements when it comes to wealth management services. Asfar’s wealth management services cover the entire spectrum of portfolio management to take you closer to your financial goals.

You can be an ultra-high networth individual, or a C suite executive starting your journey towards investing, or a business looking for capital and protection against volatility. The approach to your wealth portfolio management is simple – We take a careful look at your status and future aspirations and create a financial roadmap with you. The roadmap will may include varied services, such as investment advice, tax planning for NRIs, security analysis and wealth distribution and savings etc.

Asfar believes thorough research and data-backed planning and advice that optimises your wealth with every small and big step you take.

Wealth Management that Fits Your Portfolio

Having a wealth and investment management plan is critical for getting optimal returns. As your financial and investment advisor, Asfar offers private wealth management advice that fits your financial portfolio. With technological tools, market knowledge and research & analysis we will determine the best mixture of services required for your financial portfolio.

Wealth management focuses on creating, growing and protecting your wealth in your best interest. This involves effective tax planning and optimising your savings, so that you can relax and reap the benefits. Asfar is an expert in tax planning for CXOs, NRIs and High networth individuals and holds years of experience in the GCC region. Hence, is well versed with local regulations, laws and customs that affect your financial planning. He can also advise you in Shariah Compliant Investments, offshore investments and lump-sum investment options that offer better returns.

Let’s set your goals and objectives, then build a bespoke investment plan that is as distinctive as your needs are.

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