Anyone who wants to learn about and be able to communicate about blockchain technology should enroll in our three-course Blockchain Bootcamp. This training will assist you in starting a conversation about blockchain if you are a technical sales professional who deals directly with customers.

12 Training Hours
19 Topics
149 On-demand Videos
60 Prep Questions
Closed Captions
Certificate of Completion

Price: $699.00

Introducing the game-changing Blockchain Bootcamp! Are you ready to dive into the revolutionary world of blockchain technology and become a sought-after industry expert? This power-packed three-blockchain Training Course is meticulously crafted to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to master the blockchain landscape.

Blockchain is no longer just a trial run; it has swiftly evolved into a full-fledged production powerhouse with endless possibilities. As a forward-thinking pre-sales engineer, blockchain engineer, software engineer, or technically focused expert facing customers, your ability to speak the language of blockchain is now a must-have skill. This boot camp ensures you are well-equipped to navigate this exciting terrain and confidently engage with clients, making you an invaluable asset for large VARs, vendors, integrators, and beyond.

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