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Benefits of securing your website with an SSL certificate
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Benefits of Securing Your Site with An SSL Certificate

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and it’s a way to encrypt data between your website and your visitors’ browsers. When you secure your site with an SSL certificate, it makes sure that any information sent back and forth between your site and your visitor’s browser is encrypted. Encryption means that only someone who knows the encryption key (password) can read what’s being sent.

Why should you use SSL?

There are many reasons why you should consider securing your website with an SSL certificate. Here are just a few:

– Visitors feel safer using your site if they know their information is safe.

– Search engines give higher rankings to sites that have SSL certificates.

– You can’t fake an SSL certificate. If you try to create a fake one, you’ll get caught.

– You can add a link to your site’s SSL certificate at no cost.

How do I get an SSL certificate?

You can purchase an SSL certificate from SonuPrasadGupta.Com (AKA HostSonu.Com). There are five types of SSL certificates:

1. Domain Validated (DV)

A domain validated (DV) SSL certificate is issued based on the identity of the organization owning the website address. A DV SSL certificate is only valid if the organization’s name matches the name listed on the certificate. In order for a DV SSL certificate to be trusted, the organization must have been verified by a third-party Certificate Authority (CA).

2. Organization Validated (OV)

An OV SSL certificate is issued based upon the identity of the organization associated with the website address. An OV SSL certificate is only valid when the organization’s public key is registered with the CA that signed the certificate. If the organization changes its name, then the certificate becomes invalid.

3. Extended Validation (EV)

The EV SSL certificate is issued based solely on the identity of the company. There is no verification of the organization’s ownership of the website address. An EV SSL certificate is considered trustworthy even though the organization may not own the website address.

4. Wildcard SSL

Wildcard certificates allow organizations to secure multiple subdomains under a single certificate. These certificates are commonly used for securing email servers, webmail services, and other applications that require multiple domains.

5. Multi-Domain SSL

Multi-domain SSL certificates are used to secure multiple websites using a single certificate. Each site uses a different subject alternative name (SAN), which means each site gets its own unique certificate.

Once you’ve purchased your SSL certificate, you’ll need to install it onto your server. Once installed, you’ll need to configure your web server to send requests over HTTPS instead of HTTP.

What happens if my website isn’t secured?

If your website isn’t secured, anyone could view your content without having to log in. This includes people who visit your site via search engine results, social media links, and email links.

To make sure that your website is secure, you’ll want to implement some basic security measures. These include:

– Using strong passwords

– Keeping your software updated

– Not sharing sensitive information online

– Avoiding phishing scams

Wrap up

If you don’t know how to choose a SSL certificate, check out SonuPrasadGupta.Com (AKA HostSonu.Com). They offer a wide range of services including domain name registration, web hosting, web security, SSL certificate, website builder, web design, web management, professional email & Microsoft office apps, SEO and email marketing service.

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