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5 Virtual Assistants You Must Employ to Grow Your Company

What constitutes a solid success metric for a small or fledgling company? A larger market share in comparison to their primary rival, increased revenue, or increased investor interest are among the common responses. Although all of these are great predictors of company success, the necessity to scale up is one milestone that many firms experience that does portend success shortly.

Growth usually entails allocating more resources in line with a rise in sales. This indicates that there is a major rise in costs associated with establishing a firm the traditional way. However, scaling means that you can achieve a significant increase in revenue with less expenditure. Scaling is the more sensible and doable choice for a lot of small business owners who don’t have a lot of money to throw around.

Why go with virtual staffing for business growth?

You must grow your firm without taking on a lot of overhead to expand it successfully. For this reason, hiring more virtual employees rather than expanding your local workforce is often a much wiser choice for small businesses looking to boost their human resources.

Hiring a virtual assistant saves you money on things like their computer, office space, internet connection, and benefits that employers are obligated to offer to staff members. As an alternative, you avoid worrying about overhead costs and receive the expertise, competence, and experience of a normal employee. Hiring reputable virtual assistant firms like 20Four7VA will relieve you of any HR, payroll, and performance monitoring concerns.

The range of talent available to you is another important advantage of going virtual for your staffing needs. Virtual assistants from all over the world work for the top virtual assistant firms, like precise virtual teams, so you have a lot of options when it comes to the degree of expertise, experience, and culture you desire.

The Five Sorts of Virtual Assistants You Must Employ

After determining that hiring a virtual office assistant is the best course of action for growing your company, you must determine precisely what kinds of services and how many VAs you will require in order to get the most out of your investment.

These are the top 5 VA categories that you must employ to grow your company.
VA administration

As you scale your firm, one of the first things you should do is assign boring, repetitive jobs to others. As a company owner, you should dedicate your time to developing your offering, planning for future expansion, attending conferences to expand your network and other duties that

VA for Customer Service

You need to deliver flawless service from the beginning to the end of each transaction if you want to attract more clients to your firm. Excellent customer service extends well beyond the completion of orders or services. Having a customer service virtual assistant (VA) on staff means that you have a committed employee that makes sure that the needs of both current and new clients are satisfied in a prompt, courteous, and positive way.

dependable client support A one-time customer might become a repeat customer with VA. A virtual worker with a focus on customer service should be at the top of your priority hiring list because this kind of client loyalty can be one of the main drivers of your revenue growth.

VA for Social Media Management

We Are Social’s 2018 Q4 Global Digital Statshot research states that 3.397 billion people used social media last year, which is more than 44% of the world’s population! Just consider the potential benefits for your company that a few well-planned and maintained social media accounts could provide.

Depending on their degree of training and expertise, your virtual assistant for social media can do a variety of tasks. You can outsource your social media posting, commenting, engagement tracking, and response to an entry-level VA. A highly skilled virtual assistant in social media may do research and develop tactics to optimize user engagement, provide leads, and boost conversions.


When it comes to reaching a wider audience, SEO VA (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the best investments you can make. With SEO, you don’t have to pay for each lead you receive, unlike with adverts. Rather, you hire an SEO specialist to assist you in selecting the best keywords, raising your website’s search engine rating, and ultimately increasing the number of people who learn about your company. This implies that you can increase the number of potential clients you work with without having to pay for each lead you receive. Effective SEO often produces an incredibly high return on investment.

Writer of Content VA

Getting the most out of your remote workforce
Having a strong management strategy in place is essential to creating a productive virtual team. Even if you hire very bright people, they will still require guidance to ensure that they are all in line with the objectives of your business.

Make a solid workflow investment for your team. This entails assigning a single channel of communication for all team members to use, setting up a project management tool or tracker to monitor tasks and advancement, and, of course, periodically checking in with both the team and your virtual assistants.

It’s not simply an old cliché to say that content is king. You need a specialized content writer VA these days, especially since Google and other search engines regard informative, high-quality content highly, to help you rank your website at the top of Search Engine Results Pages, or SERPs.

But in addition to making sure your website has top-notch content, a content writer can assist you with additional tasks like launching and managing a blog, crafting effective email campaigns, and producing superior product or service descriptions.

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