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All You Need to Know About Hiring Criminal Lawyers in Sydney

From the moment one finds themselves involved in the criminal justice system, navigating its procedures and protocols by yourself will be confusing. When faced with criminal allegations, securing expert legal counsel to strategise and steer your defence is critically important. Always make sure that you have the right criminal lawyers Sydney to help you fight your case. 


Securing skilled counsel means more than merely having a representative present your case in court. You want to ensure your attorney exhibits extensive expertise and can explain your part in court. If you’re looking for a criminal attorney in Sydney or anywhere else, prioritise looking for a few qualities in them. 


Qualities to Look for in Criminal Lawyers in Sydney

To protect your interests, and to represent you fairly in a court of law, you need a lawyer who has the following qualities: 

  • Integrity

While finding legal counsel of strong moral fibre is important, finding an advocate attuned to all legal requirements is essential. Your representative shoulders the burden of discerning rights’ boundaries and deciding strategies in your interests alone. Furthermore, you will always need someone who does not break the law while protecting your interests. Hence, when you start looking for a lawyer, make sure they have strong morals and integrity. 

  • Impressive Communication Skills

Know that your battle in court will completely depend on how well your lawyer communicates your case, the facts and your circumstances. Furthermore, your lawyer needs good communication skills to understand your concerns first, and then make use of their skills to portray your case to the justice system. 


Your lawyer may also have to collaborate with other opposing lawyers or prosecutors in the case, to help negotiate the terms and conditions of your possible release or courtroom settlement, communication will play an important role here. How they are in the courtroom is also a big thing. If a case is going to go to trial before a judge and jury, then your attorney must be able to stand with no fear in front of a judge and prosecutor. 

  • Caring and Understanding 

It is understandable if you are overwhelmed when you see that you’re charged with a criminal case. With many things to do, and paperwork to file, it is easy to see why you will need professional help. However, just any team of criminal lawyers in Sydney will not do for you. You need a team that understands you and how you feel. A good lawyer is not only great in the courtroom but also when they are talking to their clients. 


Find a lawyer who understands that you need to feel safe, secure and at peace to explain the situation to them, so that they can understand your case, and circumstances to let the court or the opposition know. 

  • Good Research and Investigation Skills 

Criminal defence involves substantial research and time — you cannot leave your hope in the hands of an attorney who walks into a courtroom and just “wings it. Every case is different, which is why you need a person who has a penchant for researching and getting to the root cause of things. A person like that will be able to help you by doing legal research, finding case laws and then using it to fight your case. Additionally, your chosen lawyer should also have strong instincts and investigative skills, this will help them to find the right information about the case. 


A lawyer’s approach is similar to a detective. They catch holes in the opposition’s case and find out the truth, and this can only happen if they have a sharp mind and are detail-oriented. Ensure that you choose a lawyer who has all of these qualities. 

  • Criminal Law Experience

If you have a criminal case filed against you, you need someone who has experience in handling criminal cases only. Experience allows your lawyer to pick up on cues and know when to say, what to say and how to say it. These things are only possible if you have either been trained by a team or company of criminal lawyers or have experience. 


Always choose a lawyer with experience in the domain. Although criminal lawyers are adept in handling all situations, you should consider looking for a lawyer with the same experience as the case against you. For example, if you have a case of assault against you, look for a lawyer with experience in those cases. 


Finding the Right Criminal Lawyers in Sydney

Apart from using the list of qualities above to choose a good lawyer, there are a few more tips to make sure you have the right lawyers: 


  1. Have a look at the success rate of the lawyers you’re thinking of hiring, this will help you understand if you are in good hands or not. If you cannot find that information on the website of the lawyers, you can ask them that when you set a call or a meeting. 
  2. Don’t forget to ask about the costs of the legal representations and paperwork to be filed. Some lawyers will charge you a flat rate, which includes costs for everything or they will charge you for their legal fees and send the costs of filing paperwork and court fees separately. 
  3.  Don’t forget to check the availability and accessibility of the lawyer. Choose the one who is responsive to your concerns and questions, while being easily accessible. And this is why, choose a lawyer who is close to you. 

Since finding the right team of lawyers is paramount, choose those with extensive experience. Oxford Lawyers have a large team of criminal lawyers in Sydney, they can help you handle any criminal case. Get in touch with by calling 0478 821 383 to learn more.

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