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Best tips to maintain and care the granite countertops

Granite is a suitable material for countertops. Granite requires a large initial investment. However, it is undeniable that it will eventually pay for itself for any homeowner.

No product compares to the beauty of granite stone countertops. They are the most beautiful product. It makes the house more beautiful. 

But it’s equally important to keep them clean in your home. They have an extremely long lifespan without any problems. But they must be properly maintained. Thus, be sure to read this post through to the end if you have granite countertops in your home. Here you can find some cleaning and maintenance advice.

Check the sealing

Like all other stones, granite must also be sealed to get a non-porous finish out of it. During installation, proper sealing must be done. However, you must reseal the granite countertops at least once a year. It must be done as a part of upkeep. White granite needs sealing frequently for higher staining. 

If the water beads up, you can be sure that your countertop is in excellent condition. You must reseal the stone if you notice that it is absorbing moisture. Applying a sealer is very simple. First, you need to clean the countertop. Apply the sealer on the clean countertop by following the directions mentioned. Let it dry. Once it is dry, apply a second layer of sealing. Make sure you do not prepare any food over the granite countertop for at least 24 hours to ensure that it is fully sealed and water-repellent.

Daily Care is a must.

While daily Care does not mean that you have to do a lot of hard work for its maintenance. Daily Care would look like a breeze if you have your granite countertop properly sealed. Use a soft cloth to dust off the surface of the countertop. Then, wipe it down using plain water or mild soap. You can also use the specially formulated stone cleaner if the countertop needs excess Care. But make sure you don’t use abrasive or harsh chemicals. We are one of the best granite suppliers in Uganda, providing granite stones of the highest quality.

Special Care for your stone

Despite regular Care or yearly sealing, your granite countertop might need special attention sometimes. There might be oily stains that get soaked up on the surface of the stone. A paste of baking soda and dish soap may be good enough to remove the oily stains from the surface.

Cover it with a plastic wrap after applying the paste. Keep it in the same manner overnight, and then rinse it properly. You can also contact a professional granite stone care if you see that the stains are very hard to remove. 

Care for custom-made granite stones

While the polish finishes of granite are still the most favorable choice. But there are other options too like leathered and honed. They provide a matte finish along with some textures over it. They also have special care considerations. Since the special finishes tend to be more absorbent, there is a special sealant required to keep them intact. The sealant can protect the countertop from bacteria, stains, and moisture.

Despite being cleaned thoroughly and properly, these finishes might show stains when they are wet. This especially happens for black granite stones. However, they are harmless and will disappear when the stone surface dries.


These are some of the effective Care and maintenance tips for granite stone countertops. Be it black or white granite, you can follow these tips for any of them. But, if you are searching for affordable gypsum board prices in Uganda, then you can reach out to Super Terrazzo. They are the best providers of granite stones of the highest quality in Uganda. They also supply their products to different parts of the world. So, you can always trust them for top-notch granite stone countertops.

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