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Car Enhancement Services at Performance Design Centre in London

Performance design centre, nestled inside the colourful town of London, is an outstanding issuer of specialised car enhancement offerings. Catering to numerous purchasers, the centre is famed for its meticulous craftsmanship and modern-day answers that remodel cars in each aesthetic and useful factor. Here is an in-depth observation of the array of offerings presented:

Window Tinting:

Performance Design Centre excels in car window tint, imparting a great combo of favour and application. The splendid tinting movies used notably lessen glare, beautify privacy, and block up to 99% of dangerous UV rays, shielding the automobile’s interior. Moreover, tinted home windows contribute to a cooler cabin environment, making drives more snug and strength-green.

Commercial Wrap:

For agencies trying to maximise their advertising reach, Performance Design Centre offers custom commercial wrap. These wraps flip cars into transferring advertisements, taking pictures attention with colourful and expert designs. Utilising premium vinyl substances, these wraps are durable and climate-resistant, ensuring that the promotional messages remain intact and brilliant through the years.

Paint Protection Film:

To maintain the pristine condition of a vehicle’s exterior, the centre offers car paint protection film offerings. This clean, robust movie acts as a barrier against scratches, stone chips, and other potential damage. By safeguarding the original paintwork, it preserves the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal and resale cost, providing peace of mind to vehicle owners.

Ambient Lights & Starlight:

Performance Design Centre also makes a specialty of improving the interior atmosphere of motors with ambient lighting car and starlight installations. Customisable LED lighting fixtures add a hint of beauty and sophistication to the car’s interior, creating a steeply priced environment. Starlight headliners especially offer a panoramic celestial effect, making them ideal for those seeking a unique and personalised experience.

Vinyl Wrapping:

For clients wanting a sparkling look for their vehicles without a permanent paint job, car wrap vinyl is an appropriate answer. Performance Design Centre offers a large selection of colours and finishes, including matte, gloss, metallic, and chrome. Vinyl wraps now not only offer a new aesthetic but also protect the unique paint from environmental harm and minor abrasions.


Performance Design Centre in London is a superior vacation spot for automobile enhancement services, recognised for its high requirements of satisfaction and purchaser delight. Whether it is the sensible advantages of window tinting, the promotional impact of commercial wraps, the protective advantages of paint safety film, or the cultured enhancements of ambient lighting and vinyl wrapping, the centre promises first-rate effects. Each service is customised to fulfil people’s alternatives and desires, ensuring that each car leaves the centre transformed and enhanced.


  1. How long does it take to tint the home windows of a vehicle?

The duration for window tinting varies from 1 to three hours, depending on the dimensions and sort of car and the range of windows being tinted.

  1. Are industrial wraps smooth to remove?

Yes, industrial wraps are designed to be detachable without unfavoring the automobile’s authentic paint, imparting flexibility for enterprise advertising needs.

  1. What is the lifespan of paint safety film?

The paint protection movie normally lasts between 5 and ten years, depending on the quality of the film and the environmental conditions it’s exposed to.

  1. Can the ambient lighting and starlight headliners be custom designed?

Yes, each ambient light and starlight headliners may be fully custom designed in terms of color, intensity, and layout to suit individual preferences.

  1. How long does a vinyl wrap remain?

A vinyl wrap can last anywhere from three to 7 years, contingent on the quality of the wrap material and the extent of protection provided.


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