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Chicago Faucets & Replacement Parts: Where to Get Them

Chicago Faucets and fixtures exhibit some of the highest quality, performance, and user-friendliness in the industry.

Their commercial sink faucets and fittings are broadly categorized into one of thirteen categories, some of which are described below.

All of these are exemplary for their quality of construction and offer unique attributes that extend their serviceability and utility far beyond common standards.

For instance their:

  • Commercial touchless faucets inhibit cross contamination, eliminate a great deal of wasted water consumption, and are made with advanced sensing technology that limits run-ons and ghosting. They also feature low-lead brass construction and advanced, built-in scald protection features. They’re also programmable, easy-to-install, and compatible with a wide range of power options, including self-sustaining power and long-life battery systems. Easy installation makes it possible to get these Chicago Faucets in place and running in a matter of minutes instead of hours.|
  • Commercial metering faucets offer reliable, one-touch operation, with both fixed and adjustable run-time configurations available. They also feature heavy-duty, cast-brass construction that stands up to hard use. Minimal touch points help reduce the spread of pathogens and improve overall hygiene while streamlining maintenance protocols. Moreover, a wide range of different faucets and fixtures are available, suitable to an equally wide variety of commercial settings and installations.
  • Commercial manual sink faucets and fittings deliver the widest range of form and features, and most models are manufactured and assembled in the United States. Best of all, they are backed by industry-leading warranties and many of the Chicago Faucet replacement parts in this series are interchangeable, facilitating repairs. This line of manual Chicago Faucets also eliminates the need for costly replacements as all of their models are fully serviceable through the use of the right replacement parts.
  • Safety fittings (such as emergency eyewash stations and drench showers) are designed to help you meet code requirements and keep visitors safe, all in one fell swoop.

In addition to these, Chicago Faucets also produces a wide range of other supporting commercial plumbing fixtures and fittings, including but not limited to lab and safety fittings, tub and shower fittings, drinking water fountains, pot and glass fillers, stops, supplies, parts and accessories. They even carry specialty fittings along with a line of light commercial faucets.

Why Chicago Faucets and Fittings?

There are many reasons that Chicago Faucets are preeminent in the field for quality and reputability.

Don’t fall prey to the assumption that a faucet is a faucet – there is quality in this industry, just as there is in all others. Many Chicago Faucets are made with extremely durable, solid, cast-brass construction that will stand up to hard use, especially in commercial installations. Why else would upwards of 97% of customers recommend the brand? Think about that – when is the last time you recommended a faucet?

Moreover, they’re designed to be upgraded when the time comes, not removed and trashed. Easy serviceability is one of the main attractions to Chicago Faucets.

Part of peace of mind comes from knowing that your investment will last, and Chicago Faucet replacement parts are not only easy to come by. Maintenance, repair and replacement are straightforward. You just need a supplier.

Source Your Chicago Faucet Replacement Parts from Quality Plumbing Supply

Looking for a reputable supplier of Chicago Faucet replacement parts? Get them online at Quality Plumbing Supply.

They carry an exhaustive inventory of industrial and commercial plumbing fittings and repair parts from the top brands like Chicago Faucets.

They also know their industry and offer competitive pricing. Sign up for an account with them today so you’re never out of parts when you need them again.

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