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Discover the Ultimate Comfort: Cotton and Bamboo Clothing for Kids and Babies at Baby Todd & Co.

At Baby Todd & Co., we believe that comfort and quality are paramount when it comes to children’s clothing. Our range of cotton and bamboo clothes offers the perfect blend of softness, breathability, and durability, ensuring your little ones stay comfortable all day long. In this blog, we’ll delve into the benefits of cotton and bamboo fabrics, and highlight some of our favorite pieces, including our toddler basics, unisex tees, and more.

The Benefits of Cotton and Bamboo Fabrics

Cotton and bamboo are two of the best materials for children’s clothing, each offering unique benefits:

  1. Softness: Both cotton and bamboo are incredibly soft, providing a gentle touch against your child’s skin.
  2. Breathability: These fabrics are highly breathable, helping to regulate your child’s temperature and prevent overheating.
  3. Durability: Cotton and bamboo are known for their durability, making them perfect for active kids.
  4. Hypoallergenic: Bamboo, in particular, is naturally hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for sensitive skin.
  5. Sustainability: Bamboo is an eco-friendly material that grows quickly and requires fewer resources, making it a sustainable choice.

Toddler Basics

Our collection of toddler basics is designed to provide comfort and style for your little ones. Made from high-quality cotton and bamboo, these essentials are perfect for everyday wear. Our toddler tees and shorts are soft, breathable, and durable, ensuring your toddler stays comfortable during playtime and beyond.

The tagless design of our toddler basics prevents irritation, making them ideal for sensitive skin. Whether it’s a day at the park or a cozy afternoon at home, our toddler basics are versatile and practical, providing the perfect foundation for any outfit.

Unisex Tees

Our unisex tees are a versatile addition to any child’s wardrobe. Made from a blend of bamboo and cotton, these tees offer the perfect combination of softness and breathability. The tagless design ensures maximum comfort, while the stylish and timeless design makes them suitable for any occasion.

Available in a variety of colors and styles, our unisex tees can be easily mixed and matched with other pieces in our collection. Whether paired with our toddler shorts or layered under a jacket, these tees are a must-have for any season.

Toddler Shorts

Our toddler shorts are designed to keep your little ones cool and comfortable during warmer months. Made from breathable bamboo and cotton, these shorts are soft, durable, and perfect for active toddlers. The elastic waistband ensures a secure and comfortable fit, allowing your child to move freely.

Available in a range of colors and patterns, our toddler shorts can be paired with our unisex tees for a stylish and practical outfit. Ideal for playdates, trips to the beach, or casual outings, these shorts are a summer essential.

Tagless Clothing

Tagless clothing is a game-changer for children’s comfort. At Baby Todd & Co., our tagless clothing collection eliminates the irritation caused by traditional tags. This is particularly beneficial for babies and toddlers with sensitive skin, ensuring they stay comfortable throughout the day.

Our tagless tees, shorts, and onesies are made from soft bamboo and cotton, providing a gentle touch against your child’s skin. The seamless design ensures maximum comfort, allowing your child to play, explore, and rest without discomfort.

Why Choose Baby Todd & Co.?

  • Premium Quality: Our clothing is made from high-quality bamboo and cotton, ensuring softness, comfort, and durability.
  • Thoughtful Design: Our tagless designs prevent irritation and ensure maximum comfort for your child.
  • Versatile Styles: Our range includes everything from basics to statement pieces, designed to be mixed and matched for any occasion.
  • Durability: Our clothes are built to withstand the active lifestyle of children, ensuring long-lasting wear.
  • Australian Designed: Inspired by the beauty and lifestyle of Australia, our pieces reflect a unique blend of style and functionality.


Enhance your child’s wardrobe with the premium comfort and style of Baby Todd & Co. Our cotton and bamboo clothes are designed to provide the best in comfort, breathability, and durability. From toddler basics to unisex tees and tagless clothing, our collection offers a range of high-quality pieces that are perfect for everyday wear.

Visit our website at Baby Todd & Co. to explore our full range and enjoy free shipping on orders over $150. Discover the difference of high-quality, Australian-designed cotton and bamboo clothing that caters to your child’s needs. Shop now and give your little ones the comfort they deserve with Baby Todd & Co.

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