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Don’t Buy 9mm Bulk Ammo Before You Read This!

In this new era of inflated ammo prices, you might be considering buying bulk ammo to feed your interest in the shooting sports.

That being the case, don’t buy any 9mm bulk ammo before you read this. Actually, don’t buy any bulk ammo at all till you read this first.

Understand Bullet Type

Assuming you just got your first gun within the first few years and you’re still learning the ropes, you need to keep in mind that not all ammo is the same – and no, we don’t mean the cartridge.

The 9mm Luger is the 9mm Luger, and that’s that. But even within the scope of one cartridge and caliber, it’s important to remember that there are a whole bunch of different bullet types.

It’s important to be aware of these. Knowing the difference between full metal jacket, jacketed hollow point, lead round nose, wadcutter, hollow point, and frangible bullets is very important.

This is true because bullet type affects ballistic performance and cost. For instance, most hollow point bullets are designed for consistent expansion. They’re also very expensive, don’t always feed as reliably, and are not as accurate as most full metal jacket bullets.

So why would you pay more for 9mm bulk ammo only to squander that money on hollow point bullets when full metal jacket would do at the range?

Understand Muzzle Energy and Its Implications

The reason you should pay attention to muzzle energy is that, primarily, it strongly affects felt recoil. All else being equal, a higher muzzle energy equates to higher recoil.

Why does this matter? Well, if the only reason you’re in the market for 9mm bulk ammo is to burn brass at the range, lower recoil means less shooter fatigue and more enjoyment.

Don’t waste money on +P rounds and defensive ammo if you’re just going to be plinking. You’ll waste money and waste your stamina.

Understand How to Store It Properly

This is possibly the most important pointer on this list. If you are going to put good money into bulk 9mm ammo, then don’t do it until you fully understand how – and how not – to store it.

First off, ammo needs to be protected from extreme temperatures (mostly, heat), as well as against moisture. Even high humidity will damage it.

This means you can’t store it in the trunk, especially if you live in a hot area. It’s also generally not a good idea to store it in the garage, shed, attic, basement, or crawl space, unless those areas enjoy full climate control at all times of year.

High heat destroys propellants and primers. High humidity will destroy the bullet and casing. If you spend all this money on bulk 9mm ammo and don’t store it properly, you might as well have thrown it all away.

General best practices: store it somewhere cool, dry, and dark.

If Applicable: Understand Reloading

This one is only for those that practice reloading, and if you do you probably already know this but it’s worth a gentle reminder.

Some of the most affordable bulk 9mm ammo out there is loaded with aluminum or steel cases (like Blazer Aluminum and TulAmmo). As a general rule, these casings cannot be reloaded – so don’t shell out a whole lot of money to buy them in bulk if you want to reload at the end of it.

Stick with bulk ammo cased in virgin brass.

Where to Get 9mm Bulk Ammo

Looking for high-quality, affordable 9mm bulk ammo deals? Check some out at Bucking Horse Outpost. They sell a wide range of bulk ammo deals covering a variety of popular calibers, and they also offer weekly deals and police trade-in specials.

For more information about Federal Gold Medal Match and Federal HST please visit:- Bucking Horse Outpost

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