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How much does a furniture moving company cost?

Moving is always a stressful and trying time, with the procedures and organization of your move to manage at the same time. To make your move easier, choose a professional mover. It offers you various services (packaging, transport, cleaning, assembly, etc.) at negotiated prices! What are the services and prices of moving companies?

Obtain our personalized list of removal companies Birmingham for free and without obligation.

How to calculate the moving price?

The table below shows the price range for a long distance move including packaging costs. The price of a move depends on several factors such as:

  • the volume to be moved,
  • access to the accommodation on departure and arrival,
  • the distance between the two properties and the date of the move,
  • moving services.
  • Moving prices 2024

Around 1 in 3 moves is carried out by Birmingham movers companies in UK. Professional movers have many advantages and provide quality service and rapid execution. The prices of moving companies therefore include numerous services for individuals and businesses, in order to facilitate your move and guarantee the smooth running of all operations.

How much does a move cost?

On average, a move to UK costs £750. However, our prices vary depending on the distance of the move, the volume of goods to be transported, additional services requested (packing, dismantling of furniture, etc.) and the time of year.

How do you protect furniture and fragile items during moving?

We attach great importance to the protection of your property. Our expert team uses high-quality packaging materials, such as padded covers, stretch film and bubble wrap, to protect your furniture and fragile items. Additionally, we take extra precautions when loading and unloading to avoid any damage.

What are the estimated delivery times for my move?

Delivery times depend on the distance between the place of departure and arrival, as well as the complexity of the move. For domestic moves, delivery times are generally a few days to a week. For international moves, it may take a little longer depending on customs formalities and the distances to be covered. We will provide you with an accurate time estimate once we have planned your move.

To estimate costs accurately, take into account the situation related to your move as well as the desired level of service. The price increases depending on the number of pieces and requires more time and labor.

  • Packaging service Boxes and packaging for a 4-room house 100 – 200£
  • Disassembly and reassemble Assistance with assembly/disassembly of furniture 100 – 200£
  • Furniture storage Provision of storage space, with the transport and delivery of your goods 50 £/month
  • Furniture liftRental of a furniture lift under the supervision of a technician 250£ / half day
  • Cleaning of old and new accommodation200 – 400£
  • List of services offered by moving companies

In addition to loading and transporting your belongings, which is the main activity of moving companies, they offer many other services adapted to the needs of your move. These services represent additional costs compared to the movers prices:

Packing – unpacking

Packing and unpacking are the most requested services offered by moving companies. If you do not have the possibility to take care of the packing yourself, due to lack of time, because the volume of your belongings is too large, or you wish to delegate this aspect entirely, the movers can respond to your request . Depending on the company, packaging such as boxes, packaging and protective materials are included or not in the packaging costs.

Fragile objects

The movers are also very well equipped to handle fragile objects, such as antiques or items of high sentimental value, due to their experience and the use of protection and equipment suitable for special moves. Some removals Birmingham companies can handle piano moving at your request , using protective covers, trolleys and transport straps, to ensure that your piano arrives in good condition upon delivery to your new home.

Large objects

If certain objects are too bulky and cannot fit through the door or stairs, the movers will opt, depending on the situation, to pass through the window or use specialized lifting equipment.

Adapted solutions

It is essential for moving companies to be flexible to accommodate the unique needs of your move. Also, if the movers cannot access your front door directly because the streets are too narrow, a shuttle vehicle may be necessary to transport the goods between your apartment and the moving truck.

Likewise, if your building does not have an elevator, additional movers can be made available to move your furniture and meet the deadlines. Whether you need to move an entire house or just a few pieces of furniture, commercial movers specialists are there to accommodate your request.

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