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Managing the Financial Aspects of Hiring a Maid

Engaging a domestic helper is a boon for busy households, yet floating the financials can be intimidating. This piece of the financial jigsaw is known as the maid levy, which is a government-legislated fee for hiring a foreign domestic worker.

Having a grasp on this levy and how it can be tamed can make the process gentler on your wallet. Here’s a roadmap that will help you steer through the finances when hiring a maid — focusing on the maid levy and other costs that come along with it.

Understanding the Maid Levy

The maid levy is a monthly fee employers pay the government when hiring a foreign domestic worker. The amount varies based on different factors, including eligibility for concessionary rate. For example, families with young children, elderly members or individuals with disabilities may qualify for a lower levy amount.

When planning how much money to set aside for your maid, remember that the levy should be included from the beginning; the standard rate can be a big part of your monthly expenses. So, you need to know exactly how much it will be and if any concessions are available. Bestmaid and other websites can inform you about current rates and who qualifies, which will help you plan your finances more easily.

Finding the Top Maid Agency Near Me

To hire a maid, start by finding a top agency. Search for “top maid agency near me.” Many results can be found but choose an agency with a good track record plus open and direct pricing. The right candidate is not the only thing a reliable agency will help you find; they will also guide you through financials, including maid levy and other related costs.

Bestmaid and similar agencies provide full-fledged services ranging from connecting you with a fitting choice to overseeing the paperwork and walking with you throughout your employment.

Additional Costs to Consider

You must understand that there are more costs involved than the maid levy. Additionally, you should remember to account for other expenses, such as:

  • Salary:Ensure the agreed-upon monthly wage is reasonable and considers legal requirements and the maid’s skills and experience level.
  • Accommodation and Food:Employers must provide the maid with suitable living conditions and meals. This will increase your household expenditure.
  • Insurance:Medical and personal accident insurance is compulsory. Ensure you purchase them for your maid to cover you in case of illness or accident.

With a strategic budget, foresee these costs and let them be part of your financial plan. In this way, you do not fall victim to any financial surprises later.


The financial dealings regarding employing a housemaid go beyond the basic pay slip. The maid levy forms a substantial component of this cost, and gaining insight into its mechanics is pivotal to prudent financial strategizing. Utilizing platforms such as Bestmaid and opting for a leading maid agency in your vicinity can assist in handling these fiscal responsibilities.

Nathan Ferguson is the author of this article. For more details Maid Levy in Singapore Please visit our website:

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