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Office Removals and Company Transfers

We have not ceased to expand our field of activity in the removals sector, expanding our offer to companies (from offices, schools and libraries to laboratories, including industry and heavy engineering). I Removals Birmingham provide global solutions to guarantee the proper functioning of each company during the period during which the office movers lasts. Good preparation is essential in a company move.

Effective planning, mainly the methodology, analysis of needs, resources and necessary actions, support at each stage and a constant presence to respond to client expectations are essential, and allow us to benefit from a great flexibility. Office moves are   not organized in the same way as individual moves. There are numerous parameters to consider and various additional tasks that need to be completed before moving day.

This is a meticulous and risky process, in which our professionals take care of all the management and planning so that you can focus on the proper functioning of your activity during the transfer.

Office moves should not take any risks, and choosing the right moving company is a key factor.

For the corporate transfer, birmingham movers analyzes the company’s needs and prepares a transfer project with a timing in phases according to the client’s guidelines and priorities, so that it causes the least possible impact on the company’s productivity.

Technical Removals and Office Transfers

At removals Birmingham we cover different types of technical moves, such as laboratory moves, technical material and high-precision machinery, school and classroom moves, library and archive moves, and even industrial warehouse and heavy machinery moves.

Providing a professional and reliable team, the most modern machinery and all types of means such as external lifts, pallet jacks, wedges, and packaging material, to name a few examples.

Removals Birmingham proposes tailored solutions through the joint development of a realistic and reliable transfer project. Below, we cite our competencies in the sector:

  • Transfer of furniture and workstations
  • Transfer of computer equipment
  • Furniture packaging
  • Packaging and transfer of documentation
  • Certified destruction of documentation
  • Custody and storage of documentation and files
  • Destruction and recycling of obsolete furniture at a clean point

Office and Business Removals

Consolidated experience in moving, complex and simple transfers for the entire scope of the company (offices, production, warehouses, laboratories…). We have experienced, insured, identified and properly uniformed personnel, trained in risk prevention plans, and with the appropriate technical means for each service (elevators, platforms, cages and cranes, hoists, packaging workshops, high resistance packaging, vans, trucks from 20 m to 110 m capacity, with lifting ramps, tire suspension, etc.).

Our experts and experienced corporate moving staff conceive and implement tailored solutions for each situation. Currently, high competition demands permanent results, and companies must adapt, develop and assert themselves to produce more and better results under optimal conditions.

Offers a moving service for companies respecting established deadlines and with the highest quality. Our experience in the field of business removals allows us to adapt to the specificities and requirements of each client and offer a tailored service. From disassembly to assembly and commissioning of the production lines, we ensure a hassle-free move and installation.

A company move follows strict rules, such as protecting the equipment from any unforeseen events during transport, controlling and optimizing departure and arrival access, as well as choosing the most appropriate means of transport for the machines.

We are present from the design and planning phase of your project to the restart of your production tools. Our mission begins with the signing of the specifications and ends when the client is satisfied with our services. A complete service, with the guarantee of respect for machine performance, production quality, but also and especially deadlines. As part of any company move, removal companies birmingham is committed to guaranteeing exhaustive studies of each project that allow us to identify and define the most appropriate and appropriate methodology in relation to the required area of ​​specialization.

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