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Revolutionising Your Electrical Retail Journey with TN Robinson Ltd

In the fast-paced world of electrical wholesale products, it’s crucial to find a dependable supplier that offers both affordability and quality. That’s where T N Robinson Ltd shines. Located in the lively North West of England and Wales, T N Robinson Ltd has built a reputation for excellence over its impressive 99-year history. Customers rely on us for outstanding service and unbeatable deals on electrical goods.

Ease of Access

We recognise the importance of smooth account management, which is why we’ve introduced our new Online Account Portal. This platform is designed to surpass your expectations, giving you easy access to your account history, statements, order history, and quotes—all in one user-friendly interface. This means you’ll have all the essential information you need right at your fingertips, enabling you to make informed decisions quickly.

Flexible Support

While using our portal is entirely optional, our dedicated team is here to support you through any account management method you prefer. At T N Robinson Ltd, we understand that flexibility is crucial. That’s why our commitment to excellent service extends to accommodating your individual preferences. Whether you choose to utilise our Online Account Portal or not, we’re here to help streamline your account management effortlessly.

The In-Store Benefit

Despite the convenience offered by our Online Account Portal, we acknowledge that some individuals prefer the tangible experience of shopping in person. Here’s why opting for our in-store shopping option at T N Robinson Ltd is still a valuable decision.

Importance of Hands-On Examination

In-store shopping grants you the opportunity to visually inspect, touch, and handle the products first hand. This becomes especially vital when considering accessories or items such as cables, where attributes like flexibility and thickness are crucial factors. At T N Robinson Ltd, we understand the importance of physically examining products to make well-informed purchase choices.

Immediate Availability for Urgent Projects

Engaged in a project with pressing deadlines? Opting for in-store shopping offers your clients the benefit of immediate access. This allows you to procure necessary items promptly, bypassing the wait typically associated with shipping and delivery. At T N Robinson Ltd, we comprehend the time-sensitivity of your projects and provide a solution that aligns seamlessly with your schedules.

Depend on T N Robinson Ltd: 99 Years of Distinction

As we commemorate our 99th year in the field, T N Robinson Ltd remains a byword for reliability, excellence, and affordability. Our dedication to enriching your shopping experience remains steadfast, whether you opt for the streamlined Online Account Portal or the hands-on approach of in-store shopping.

In its early days

T N Robinson Ltd stemmed from the innovative ideas of Mr. Thomas Needham Robinson, a forward-looking individual who understood the needs of his time. With vast experience in various fields, Mr Robinson lent his expertise to both the Mill Gate Generating Station and the Corporation Tramways Department.

After the First World War, Mr. Robinson teamed up with two local entrepreneurs to focus on manufacturing DC motor starters. They set up shop on Penny Lane, just off Lancashire Hill in Stockport. Although the premises were modest, they proved adequate for producing starters based on a patent from Ferranti Ltd.

However, when demand for starters declined in 1923, Mr. Robinson, with his insightful leadership, steered the group into diversifying their efforts towards electrical accessories. Recognising the potential in this new direction, Mr. Robinson took a daring step in September of the same year. He established his own factoring business, setting up operations in a wooden shed beneath No. 4 Arch of the Railway Viaduct, Daw Bank, Stockport.

This pivotal move marked the beginning of what would later become T N Robinson Ltd, showcasing Mr Robinson’s vision and ability to adapt to the ever-changing electrical industry landscape.

Built upon a Family Heritage

Founder’s Heritage: In 1959, Mr. Robinson’s passing left behind a lasting legacy. Assuming the mantle of Chairman of the Board of Directors was his daughter, Mary Drake (formerly Robinson).

Continuity in Leadership: Stepping into the role of Managing Director was Wilfrid Drake, Mr. Robinson’s son-in-law and a stalwart member of the company since 1945. The family commitment transcended generations, with Michael and Anthony, the sons of Mary and Wilfrid, actively involved in the day-to-day operations.

Planning for Succession: Michael Drake eventually assumed the mantle of Managing Director, ensuring a smooth transition of leadership within the family. A significant moment captured in 1981 shows Michael Drake, Wilfrid Drake, and Alfred Bennet in pivotal leadership positions.

Expansion and Growth Across Regions

Strategic Expansion: In 1972, T N Robinson Ltd widened its reach by acquiring a reputable Electrical Distributors company in Crewe. This strategic move expanded the company’s geographical footprint.

Sustained Growth: The company’s expansion continued in 1980 with the establishment of a new branch in Ashton-Under-Lyne. Over the following years, branches were established in Macclesfield (1983), Chester (1993), Rochdale (2003), and Warrington (2003), consolidating T N Robinson’s presence across the North West of England.

Built on Family Foundations

Rooted in Heritage: Following the passing of Mr. Robinson in 1959, a profound legacy was left behind. His daughter, Mary Drake (formerly Robinson), assumed the role of Chairperson of the Board of Directors.

Continuity in Leadership: Wilfrid Drake, Mr. Robinson’s son-in-law and a longstanding member of the firm since 1945, stepped into the position of Managing Director. This commitment to family extended to the next generation, with Mary and Wilfrid’s sons, Michael and Anthony, actively involved in daily operations.

Succession Planning: Michael Drake later took over as Managing Director, ensuring a smooth transition of leadership within the family. A poignant moment captured in 1981 showcases Michael Drake, Wilfrid Drake, and Alfred Bennet in pivotal leadership roles.

Expansion and Growth Across Regions

Strategic Acquisitions: In 1972, T N Robinson Ltd expanded its presence by acquiring a reputable Electrical Distributors company in Crewe. This strategic move significantly widened the company’s geographical reach.

Sustained Expansion: The growth trajectory continued in 1980 with the establishment of a new branch in Ashton-Under-Lyne. The following years saw further expansion into Macclesfield (1983), Chester (1993), Rochdale (2003), and Warrington (2003), consolidating T N Robinson’s footprint across the North West of England.

Embracing the Next Generation

Generational Handover: In 2016, Michael Drake took on the role of Chairman, marking a significant generational shift in leadership. His son, Chris Drake, great-grandson of T N Robinson’s founder, assumed the position of Managing Director.

Swift Expansion: Under Chris’s guidance, T N Robinson experienced rapid growth. In 2017, the company expanded with the opening of three new branches in Anglesey, Mochdre, and Rhyl. The addition of Pwllheli in January 2018 brought the total number of branches to 11.

Looking Ahead to 2022 and Beyond, Toward the Centenary Year

Continuity in Leadership: Since January 2016, Michael Drake has served as Chairman, with Chris Drake taking the helm as Managing Director. This father-son team leads T N Robinson as it approaches its centenary milestone in 2023.

Dedication to Customer Service: Throughout its 99-year journey, T N Robinson has remained steadfast in its commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether through face-to-face interactions in-store, over the phone, or online, the company consistently aims to provide excellent advice and competitive prices.

Centenary Festivities: Excitement mounts as T N Robinson prepares for its centenary celebrations in 2023. The company is gearing up to deliver engaging experiences for customers, with announcements forthcoming on in-store events, the website, and social media platforms.

New Logo Unveiling: Embracing Change

Revitalising Brand Image: T N Robinson Ltd is thrilled to unveil its fresh logo and brand image, marking a renewed sense of identity. The longstanding logo, in use for over two decades, has witnessed substantial growth, technological advancements, and shifts in customer preferences.

Business Progression: This update mirrors the evolving landscape of business operations, encompassing new branches, an online presence, and improved services such as same-day delivery. The redesigned logo reflects T N Robinson Ltd’s flexibility and forward-looking ethos.

In Conclusion

In summary, the illustrious history of T N Robinson Ltd, coupled with its familial leadership and strategic expansion, underscores a dedication to excellence. As the company approaches its centennial milestone, the enduring commitment to customer satisfaction and the refreshed logo embodies a dynamic evolution, ensuring ongoing success and innovation in the years to come.



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