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Shanlinxi High Mountain Tea | Brewing Method at Spero Tea

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of Shanlinxi High Mountain Tea with our expert brewing Method for High Mountain Tea. Taste the essence of the mountains with every brewed cup.

Welcome to a adventure of unprecedented taste and aroma as we delve into the world of Shanlinxi High Mountain Tea. Nestled amidst the plush greenery of Taiwan’s Central Mountain Range, Shanlinxi stands tall as a beacon of notable tea craftsmanship. Renowned for its elevation and pristine surroundings, this location produces a number of the maximum notable teas within the global.

Understanding High Mountain Tea

High Mountain Tea, also known as Gao Shan Cha in Mandarin, is revered for its sensitive flavor profile and fresh characteristics. Cultivated at altitudes above 1,000 meters, those teas benefit from cooler temperatures and most reliable developing situations, resulting in leaves which can be wealthy in flavor and nutrients.

The Essence of Shanlinxi High Mountain Tea

Every sip of Shanlinxi High Mountain Tea encapsulates the essence of its mountainous origins. The terroir of Shanlinxi imparts a awesome character to the tea, characterised by floral notes, a hint of sweetness, and a lingering finish. Each leaf is a testomony to the purity of nature and the artistry of tea cultivation.

Brewing Method: Elevating the Tea Experience

1. Selecting the Finest Leaves

Begin your journey through choosing top rate Shanlinxi High Mountain Tea leaves. Opt for whole leaves or tightly rolled balls, ensuring the very best satisfactory and most up to date taste.

2. Water Temperature Matters

Boil fresh, filtered water and allow it to cool barely earlier than brewing. For High Mountain Tea, the correct water temperature tiers among 85°C to 90°C. Avoid the use of boiling water, as it can scald the delicate leaves and compromise the taste.

3. Steeping Time for Perfection

Patience is fundamental whilst brewing High Mountain Tea. Allow the leaves to unfurl and launch their flavor regularly. Steep the tea for approximately 3 to 4 mins, depending to your desire for strength.

4. Embrace the Ritual of Tea Brewing

Pour the recent water over the tea leaves in a teapot or gaiwan, allowing them to infuse slowly. Take a moment to realize the aroma as it fills the air, tantalizing your senses with its floral perfume.

5. Savor the Experience

Once the tea has steeped to perfection, pour it right into a teacup and admire the golden hue. Take a second to inhale the perfume before taking your first sip. Allow the tea to linger to your palate, savoring the nuanced flavors with each sip.

Experience the Elegance of Shanlinxi High Mountain Tea

Indulge in the notable flavors of Shanlinxi High Mountain Tea and raise your tea-drinking experience to new heights. With our expert brewing method, you can unlock the whole potential of these super leaves, embracing the essence of the mountains with every brewed cup.

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