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Welcome to Toronto Caribana: North America’s Largest Cultural Gathering

The epic Toronto Caribana livens up the streets of Toronto in vibrant masquerades, costumes, and floats every year. From the street parties to Caribbean food, from live performances to late-night parties the whole city is engulfed under the Caribana party vibes.


The carnival originally started during Canada’s Centennial celebration in 1967. What started as a three-day event is now a month-long carnival where Caribbean vibes grip the city.


So from the iconic Grand Parade to the delightful sound of steelpan and soca bands, we bring you the top attractions of Toronto Caribana: the largest cultural gathering in North America.


Must-Attend Events at Caribana Carnival


· The Grand Parade

You cannot mention the Toronto Caribana without mentioning the Grand Parade. In the spirit of the carnival, the Grand Parade is a street party that starts at Exhibition Place and goes all the way up to Lakeshore Boulevard. Witness masquerades and floats as costumed participants dance to steelpan instruments.


· Carnival Ball

The Carnival Ball is a live music performance by participating Steelpan and Soca bands to raise charity for the underprivileged Caribbean community.


· Daylit

The Daylit party is held every year at the Cabana Pool Bar. This day party includes top DJs and steelpan bands, while you can relax at the pool or one of their Cabanas. Caribbean drinks, fusions, and food reign supreme during the event.


· Pan Alive

Pan Alive is a music show-off between rival Steelpan and mas bands. This is a more unofficial kind of event where band members improvise with their instruments.


· King & Queen Showcase

The King & Queen Showcase is a costume pageantry where the leaders of mass bands compete to be adjudged King and Queen of the carnival.


· Annual Caribana Party

Barcode Saturdays host the most thrilling Caribana party that bridges the gap between locals and tourists alike. Revel in live DJ and steelpan music, dance to infectious Caribbean and hip-hop beats, drink premium liquors with exotic Caribbean flavors, and enjoy thrilling surprises and party favors at the hottest celebrity nightclub in Toronto.


We welcome all to the grandest Toronto Caribana bash. Call (647) 408-1186 to reserve our bottle services or to request info.

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