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Why Opt for React Native in Developing a Cross-Platform Mobile App?

React Native is one of the most popular JS frameworks for building native mobile apps. It was first tried in 2013 but later released in 2015 by erstwhile-Facebook, Meta. As per 2022 data published by Statistica, React Native has a 32% share in cross-platform software development all across the globe. There are various recognized brands like Salesforce, Tesla Motors, Skype messaging, and Bloomberg have used React Native to build and deploy cross-platform apps. 

Many developers enjoy creating cross-platform apps on React Native as it supports them with a quick and easy interface. Much more than this, it has various resources available as it is an open-source community and also supports adding various features through third-party integrations. 

What is a Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

Cross-platform mobile app development is a method that is used to develop an integrated mobile app for different platforms. In order to build these apps, the developers are required to work on codes that can be ideally utilized on various OS. One can use it to build the audience-friendly Android apps as well as the iOS ones. 

In this cross-platform environment, a larger part of the native mobile app codes remain the same. There are just some small parts that might require slight changes to make it compatible with the OS. 

There are many development agencies that can provide you with cross-platform app development services to build native apps at affordable charges. 

Why Choose React Native to Develop Cross-Platform Mobile App?

Now the question is why React Native should be chosen to develop cross-platform mobile apps? 

There are many aspects that make it a highly effective framework for developing mobile apps:


React Native frameworks facilitate a seamless process to develop a single set of codes to build a mobile app. You can easily make some minor changes in code and deploy the same on different operating systems. This saves time as well as the cost of developing separate codes for each OS. 

Targeting a Larger Audience

Cross-functional apps can enable you to target a larger audience base. You can focus on a large mass of people who use Android as well as iOS. All you need is an effective platform that can help you develop such codes. React Native is one such popular destination to make it possible. You can search for a React native app development company that can help you build a cross-functional app to target both audience groups. 

More Resources

Nearly everyone loves the resourcefulness of the React Native platform. A large number of experts and developer professionals have added their efforts towards the React Native framework. It is pretty much easy to look for a particular source code or any help that is required to build native mobile apps. Also, if you are facing challenges in finding solutions, then you can raise a query in the community or switch to GitHub. 

In-built components 

There are most of the components are in-built into React Native. All you need is to find a suitable feature that you need in your mobile app and copy its codes. It is a pretty quick and hassle-free process which will hardly require some time. Just search, select, and copy. 

simple process that you can never imagine. This 2-process step will help to save a lot on your time, efforts, and, of course, costs. 

Reduced Development Time:

React Native framework facilitates real-time testing of your app’s functionality. You no longer need to wait to deploy the codes and then see how your app is functioning. The app can load whenever there are any changes in the code. So you can see and address many of the concerns in the development stage itself. 

Add-on Plugins

Plugins are the most important elements that make React Native a highly preferred framework. Facebook often focuses on more B2B app integrations and solutions. Therefore, it has always made this platform favorable with add-on plugins. You can add many plugins to enhance the functionality of your native mobile apps. 


React Native is a facebook backed up framework that can help you to build cross-functional apps. It is powered by the popular Javascript modules and offers greater flexibility to build and deploy cross-platform native apps. As it is an open-source community, many developers were able to contribute towards it and maximize its potential. This has made it a more favorable platform to build mobile apps. 

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