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Top 5 Diamond Cut Shapes

Introduction: Dharam Export, we supply turn key solution for your specific diamond needs. fromm custom made designs. we have 5 decades of legacy for manufacturing brilliant diamond shapes. we provide diamond design what exactly you want.

Round Brilliant: This classic shape features 58 facets, maximizing sparkle and brilliance. Round brilliants make up the vast majority of diamonds found in engagement rings and are also popular as stud earrings and in pendants.

The round’s brilliant cut is the most popular and brilliant of all the diamond shapes. And the brilliance and sparkle of the round brilliant diamond produce exceptional beauty. You may know about “ideal cut” It refers to its proportion and symmetry to maximize brilliance, sparkle, and fire. This cut brings light internally and externally most efficiently. Round brilliant diamonds are the most versatile of all diamond shapes since they can be used in a wide variety of types of jewelry.

Princess Diamond: its shape is like an inverted pyramid with two to four chevron patterns on the underside of the cut. And it is the most used diamond in engagement rings and earrings. The Princess Cut diamond features numerous facets arranged in a square or rectangular pattern on the pavilion and crown of the diamond. These facets help to maximize the diamond’s brilliance and sparkle.

Emerald Diamond: The emerald-cut diamond flaunts an elongated, rectangular shape. Emerald cut features step-cut faceting that runs parallel to the diamond girdle, creating a hall of mirrors effect. Emerald cuts fit well in many different styles, but they fit perfectly with more understated settings. Emerald cuts go well with solitaire and simple pave settings and are perfect for three-stone settings.

Pear Cut Diamond: A pear-cut diamond is a brilliant cut diamond shape, evocative of the shape of a pear or water droplet. Pear cuts are also referred to as ‘teardrop. The unique shape of the pear-cut diamond makes it highly versatile for various jewelry designs. It can be set in solitaire rings, pendants, earrings, and even as a centerpiece in multi-stone rings.

Cushion Diamond: The cushion cut diamond is also known as pillow cut diamond shape this shape gives a romantic look to this diamond. Cushion Cut diamonds can be customized to meet individual preferences, with options for different proportions, facet arrangements, and cutting styles. This quality makes it more flexible for stylish jewellery fittings.

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