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Everything You Need to Know About the MBBS from Georgia

Georgia for MBBS is one of the best destinations to study MBBS abroad. It is home to good NMC-approved medical universities, the Georgian medical universities are popular for good quality education and affordable fees. A great number of Indian students go to study at top medical colleges in Georgia for many reasons and one of the major reasons is the NMC recognition. It is of vital importance for a university to be recognized by NMC if you are going to study MBBS there as it would facilitate the licensing process and make your MBBS degree from abroad valid in India. Read this blog to learn more about MBBS from Georgia

MBBS in Georgia for Medical university

Georgia is a nation in Eurasia’s Caucasus region. It is situated where Eastern Europe and Western Asia converge. Tbilisi is the largest city and the capital of Georgia. One of Georgia’s most well-liked universities for MBBS students studying abroad is the Tbilisi State Medical University. Many Georgian medical universities are among the oldest and have received approval from the Medical Council of India.

Compared to other countries, Georgia is a highly safe place to live. The universities of Georgia do not demand an entrance exam or a donation. The fact that Indian students may readily adapt to the English-language teaching style at these institutes is another advantage of pursuing an MBBS from Georgia. The education in Georgia lasts for five years, and the degrees these colleges award are respected and acknowledged all over the world.

MBBS in Georgia fees for Indian students

One of the key factors influencing a student’s desire to pursue an MBBS degree in India is cost. Because of the intense competition in India, students who receive strong NEET Exam scores sometimes end up in private institutions with tuition prices starting at INR 50 lacs after failing to obtain a spot in one of the country’s government medical colleges. For an Indian student, this makes it extremely tough to continue their medical path. 

All of these brilliant Indian minds have the chance to realize their dream of becoming doctors thanks to MBBS from Georgia. The estimated annual cost of education for an MBBS program in Georgia is shown below.

Type of Expense Approx. Cost (in USD)
Tuition Fee Per Year 4300.00
Living & Accommodation 1300.00
Mess & Food 1200.00
Visa Fee 200.00
Medical Insurance 100.00
Total Expense 7100


Apart from the cost of MBBS in Georgia and the good quality of education, a frequent question regarding MBBS from Georgia is a requirement of NEET. Students often ask “ Is MBBS without NEET possible”? Then the answer is, that it is possible to pursue an MBBS in Georgia without having to meet the NEET exam requirements. Nonetheless, NEET is required of students who want to pursue MBBS and then practice medicine in India. However, to be admitted to Georgia’s MBBS colleges, applicants must meet additional academic and age requirements.

For those who aspire to become medical professionals and are looking for a medical specialization and operating license, Georgia’s medical universities offer a guaranteed winning experience. Students pursuing an MBBS in Georgia are free to choose between passing the TOEFL and IELTS language tests. More than fifteen of the world’s best medical universities, including those affiliated with the WHO, UNESCO, and NMC, are located in Georgia. The names of a few are given below.

  • Geomedi Medical University
  • Tbilisi State Medical University
  • Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University
  • University of Georgia

Thus MBBS from Georgia is a choice that makes a difference. It also provides a plethora of good opportunities to work in Georgia and for those who have cleared the NEET exam the gates of opportunities are open for them. The NMC recognition and affordable fees make it one of the finest choices to study MBBS abroad.

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