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How Secure Is Your Data When Using School Management Software?

School Management Software in the modern world has brought drastic changes in the running process of institutions involved in education. Starting from enrollment and track record of students, class attendance, discipline, and score achievements to fare dealings and document transfers, SMS is an inseparable part of today’s teaching-learning system. However, with this increased reliance on digital systems comes the crucial question: To what level is your information protected in case you are using School Management Software? Refocusing the discussion on data security in particular, this article analyzes the threats and protective measures related to SMS, and the ways of optimally protecting the information which is to be transferred.

Differentiating between the Importance of Data Security in an SMS

Schools deal with huge files of information that has to do with the institution or students, faculty, staff and various activities. This ranges from the student’s details such as ID number, academic achievements, and financial records to the staff authentication records. The security of this data is not only a privacy issue but also has a legal dimension according to the standards rules and regulations like FERPA in the USA and GDPR in the EU. A data breach is a catastrophic issue as it might result in loss, legal consequences, and harm to an institution’s reputation.

Countless Threats That School Management Software is Prone to

Phishing Attacks:

The basic type of cyber threat affecting the educational field is phishing. Such assaults mostly consist of appeals sent to the targets to expose some details like passwords or personal information. Phishing emails are particularly hard to overcome because the attackers pretend to be from legitimate sources, and therefore, these emails are quite genuine looking.

Malware and Ransomware:

Cybersecurity threats such as malware in general and ransomware in particular are prospective threats to schools. Ransomware locks data and requires that the user pays a certain amount of money to be able to access it again; the operation of schools can be severely affected. Malware is introduced in various methods; and this may range from emails, downloading files, and network weaknesses.

Unauthorized Access:

Security risks that cause unauthorised access to SMS include poor passwords, users’ management or access controls. If proper measures have not been put in place, there are high chance that any wrong person will get access to the data and misuse it.

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