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ML Kingsley dedicated to nurturing well-rounded leaders


The school’s holistic approach fosters an environment where students thrive academically and socially.

Maple Leaf Kingsley International School is guided by the values: ‘Invest, Impart, Instil’.


Academic success can be a challenging journey, but in a nurturing and supportive environment, it becomes an exciting expedition of growth and opportunities. This is the very essence of what ML Kingsley aspires to provide.

“Being a student is so much more than academics, and at Kingsley, I really do feel as if I’m able to learn and grow much more as a person because of the support that I’m receiving, both academically and socially,” said Singam Reshmanraaj, a current A-level student at Maple Leaf Kingsley International School (ML Kingsley).

Beyond the books

Christine Ong Yee Ten, head of English & Pre-U studies pointed out that the tight-knit A-level community – where classrooms typically host just 25 students on average – fosters a personalised environment ensuring that every student receives individual support.

Ong takes pride in her A-level students and values ML Kingsley’s nurturing environment which allows them to flourish.

In this nurturing setting where growth is a priority, it’s no surprise that even though extracurricular activities (ECAs) are not obligatory for A-level students, a substantial number of them display a keen interest in leadership projects such as organising cultural festivals and charity events.

“During these events, we teachers will act as their supervisors and allow them to take charge. When you give them the opportunity, they will eagerly embrace it, there’s no need to force them,” Ong shared.

Saruwatari Fuka (left) and Singam Reshmanraaj (right), both current A-level students, are eager to learn and grow even more with ML Kingsley.

Another A-Level student Saruwatari Fuka fondly recalled her involvement in a charity event last July, where her team sold ‘kakigori’, a Japanese shaved ice treat. Each member had distinct roles, such as communicating with teachers, accounting and more.

“As a team, we developed leadership skills and honed our event planning abilities. The event also allowed us to immerse ourselves in different cultures through cuisines like Korean and Malaysian Nyonya food. It was a wonderful experience,” said Saruwatari.

Singam also expressed a keen interest in participating in future events such as the A-level prom night and the November donation programme if the opportunity arises.

Core values

ML Kingsley’s commitment to inclusivity and well-being is demonstrated through multiple initiatives. Its ‘Wall of Fame’ celebrates student achievements, fostering acceptance and pride within the school community. Simultaneously, the school’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes emphasise empathy and community engagement amongst its students.

Secondary principal Simha Priya highlighted the seamless integration of PSHE (Personal, Social Health Education) programmes into students’ lessons. This educates students on recognising and addressing various forms of bullying, equipping them with tools to involve teachers when needed.

Simha Priya spoke of the future activities and programmes planned for the betterment of the school.

The saying, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, emphasises the significance of ongoing communication between the school and parents, which is made possible through the school’s Parent-Teacher Portal (PTP).

This portal offers regular updates on classroom activities, including weekly feedback for parents. This seamless connection ensures that parents are well informed, fostering a productive partnership that promotes their child’s holistic development.

Simha further reinforced: “We communicate very closely with all the parents and it’s great if parents were to come and talk to us, discuss any issues and matters. We are always there to offer our help and assistance.”


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