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Pain Under Right Breast: Causes and Treatments

You can observe soreness or ache below the right breast because of a trauma or a digestive issue like irritable bowel syndrome. However it may also occur due to some clinical situations like pleurisy.

A few ladies can also observe a pointy pain under their right breast that appears and goes. Several others may additionally observe it each time they get a breath. Then this pain moves toward the back, arms, or to the breastbone.

Mostly, this ache is no issue for concern. However, in some situations, it can manifest an underlying disorder.

Possible Causes of Pain Under the Right Breast

With a few differences, the potential underlying causes of pain beneath the right breast are comparable to those beneath the left. For instance, there is less of a correlation between heart attacks and the right side. This is a result of the heart being slightly more in the middle and left side of the chest.

The following are a few common causes for pain under right breast:

  • Pulmonary Embolism

A blood clot from any other part of your body can get blocked in a pulmonary artery present in your lung. Individuals having a pulmonary embolism (PE) mostly describe severe pain that becomes severe when they breathe in. An individual may have short breath, also, or a quick/racing coronary heart rate.

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Disorders with your air pockets and/or airway membrane make it hard for you to breathe. The chest may sense tightness and you might get shortness of breath along with wheezing.

  • Pneumonia

Most often, you can have inflammation in your lungs. Additionally, to chest ache, you’ll also feel a fever, coldness, and wheezing with mucus.

  • Pleurisy Or Pleuritis

An inflammation and/or swelling of the membrane present in your lungs leads to your sharp chest ache. Such sort of pain gets severe when you wheeze or breathe hard. You might also observe pain around your shoulder.

  • Pulmonary Hypertension

Several issues can lead to excessive blood pressure in your pulmonary arteries. Those are the blood vessels that receive blood from your lungs to give carbon dioxide for oxygen. You receive chest aches as it’s more difficult on your heart to push blood via blood vessels whilst high blood pressure provides resistance to blood supply. An individual can have shortness of breath along with this situation.

  • Asthma

Allergens or such agents can slim your airlines, making it difficult to respire. An individual can cough or wheeze out and sense tightness to your chest.

  • Lung Cancer

Chest ache from lung tumors gets severe when you cough, smile, or take a deep breath.

  • Broken Rib

Accidents can damage the ribs that save your chest. This causes a lot of pain, especially when you take deep breaths. The aches last for many weeks.

  • Strained Chest Muscle

When you damage your muscle, it might tear and lead to pain, particularly when you start motion. You might also have inflammation and bruising.

  • Shingles

The agent that causes chickenpox at a young age can develop to be active again later, typically in people older than 50. In shingles, this virus leads to a painful rash on your body. It generally develops in areas of your chest, and usually only on each side.

  • Gallstones

Having cholesterol as the main issue, gallstones can close ducts that have a fluid (bile) that facilitates digestion required to enter your small intestine. Inflammation in your gallbladder leads to pain below your ribs on the right side. This severe pain can last for many hours.


This issue occurs due to swelling of the rib cage cartilage bone among the ribs and sternum. Because costochondritis manifests in the middle of the chest area, surrounding the sternum, you might experience pain under right breast. Costochondritis mostly goes along on its own. In a few cases, it might take many weeks to recover.

To manage costochondritis, your doctor might suggest physical therapy, several drugs, or both. Medicines to treat this issue include:

  • NSAIDs, like naproxen sodium or ibuprofen in
  • Either over-the-counter or prescription dosage
  • Narcotics, like hydrocodone/acetaminophen
  • Or oxycodone/acetaminophen
  • Some tricyclic antidepressants, including amitriptyline
  • Neuropathic pain medicines, like gabapentin

How is Right-side Chest Pain Treated?

Remedy will differ based on the source causing your right chest pain.

Medications help many reasons behind right-side chest pain, such as:

  • A pulmonary embolism
  • COPD
  • Asthma
  • Pleurisy
  • Pneumonia
  • Broken ribs
  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Shingles
  • Strained chest muscle
  • Gallstones

You may require a technique or surgical procedure for:

  • A pulmonary embolism
  • Pleurisy
  • Pneumothorax
  • Gallstones

You may demand radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery for lung cancer.

When Should I See a Doctor?

Pain under the right breast can be caused by various conditions, ranging from minor issues like muscle strain to more serious problems such as gallbladder disease or liver issues. It is important to monitor the pain’s characteristics—such as its intensity, duration, and associated symptoms. You should see a doctor if the pain is severe, persistent, or accompanied by other symptoms like fever, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes), unexplained weight loss, or difficulty breathing. Additionally, if the pain worsens over time or does not improve with over-the-counter pain relief and rest, medical evaluation is warranted.

Immediate medical attention is also crucial if the pain under the right breast is sudden and sharp, as it could indicate conditions like a gallbladder attack, liver inflammation, or even issues related to the heart or lungs. In such cases, timely diagnosis and treatment can prevent potential complications. Therefore, if you experience any alarming symptoms or if the pain significantly impacts your daily activities, consulting a healthcare professional promptly is advisable.

What Can I Do at Home to Treat Right-Side Chest Pain?

An individual may not deal with most reasons for right-side chest aches at home. You may deal with a strained muscle with domestic usage of warmth packs. You need to see a pain doctor in Dallas if it’s becoming worse or not getting improved. Once you visit a healthcare company, they might come up with a remedy to have at home.

What’s the Outlook?

In the majority of instances, an ache below the right breast isn’t critical. Moreover, if the ache is worse or stays, plan an appointment with your health practitioner at Pain Management in Dallas. When you have one of the mentioned situations, your physician can assist save you from pain by persevering with or returning and assist you in alleviating and manipulating your symptoms.

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