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What Are The Various Applications of Abacus?

As human civilization advances with innovative inventions, certain traditional methods are disappearing increasingly. The Internet and mobile phones have replaced and changed many domains, including the method of imparting education. Amidst all the innovation, somewhere, basic mental development is being affected. 

As most people use mobiles and other applications to carry out basic arithmetic operations, they are not able to form a solid foundation for primary cognitive abilities. Abacus education is a great skill to learn that will hone your mental skills and promote overall cognitive development. 

The origin of the abacus

Abacuses are traditional mathematical instruments. It is used for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and other basic arithmetic operations. An abacus is capable of rooting up to the cubic range in addition to basic operations. It was created in the past to aid merchants in keeping track of their transactions. 

An abacus is essentially a frame Made of wood with strings or mental rond arranged vertically. These rods have counters or beads which are shifted to different positions when counting or doing any arithmetic operations. Abacus learning was given great importance as it helped in the development of brain functioning. 

Modern application of abacus

The abacus, being a traditional method of solving arithmetic problems, is often underestimated. One of the main misconceptions people have about the abacus is that it can only be applied for basic arithmetic operations on a classroom level. Apart from these, the abacus can also be applied to many domains in the real world. Here are some of the areas where the abacus is often used.

  •     Architecture

One major benefit of abacus is that it helps in enhancing one’s critical and logical thinking and decision-making skills. Architecture is a field that needs knowledge of engineering, operations and logistics. The cognitive skills that are enhanced by the abacus can help in the easy execution of these required skills in architecture. 

Apart from cognitive skills, architecture involves drawing designs for a project which requires complex structural calculations. Such large calculations can be performed with ease by using abacus. 

  •     Education

The education system has evolved. The teaching methods followed today are very different from those in ancient times. However, the abacus seems to have an everlasting element of the education system. Despite all the changes, the abacus is still hugely promoted and encouraged by educators worldwide. 

People still understand the value and benefit of this ancient learning tool in enriching the cognitive abilities of growing children. Abacus helps foster reasoning skills, critical thinking, and visual representation, and it also increases concentration, which allows students to focus better in class.

  •     Finance

One main reason for inventing the abacus was to come up with a better system of counting. It would help the merchants back in the day to have a comprehensive account of their trades. Similarly, the abacus can still be used for managing finances in the modern era. Learning and developing your abacus skills can help you draw better budgets and track your expenses. 

  •     Health and medicine

Abacus can also be applied in medical settings. It can be applied to improve hand-eye coordination. Also for improving cognitive abilities and for rehabilitation purposes. Abacus can be very beneficial in the treatment of patients having learning disabilities. 


Therefore, the abacus has several modern-age applications, although it was invented in ancient times. The aforementioned application and advantages of learning an abacus can assist you in making a decision. It’s crucial to acquire abacus knowledge from a reputable institution. It ensures that you’re picking up the necessary skills. Semas Abacus is the right destination for anyone willing to learn abacus. 

Here, you will get all the facilities that you require. One of the main advantages of learning abacus from Semas is that the teachers cater to students on an individual level to ensure that all their students excel in abacus at the end of the course. Abacus learning from us can make your child’s brain sharper and stronger.

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