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The Wind Official Fan Club Name

The Wind, a promising new rookie boy group, recently dropped a bombshell during their highly anticipated YouTube live broadcast on July 14 KST. Their announcement? The official name of their fan club is now WHIZ.

What is WHIZ?

WHIZ, derived from the sound of wind rushing past, perfectly encapsulates the vigor and enthusiasm of The Wind‘s dedicated fanbase.


It serves as a symbolic representation of the collective voice of kpop singers fans, resonating with the group’s identity and fostering a deep connection between the artists and their supporters.

The Significance of Fan Clubs in Kpop

These clubs provide a thriving platform for fans to interact, express their love for the group, and engage in a myriad of activities including fan meetings, events, and projects. By officially christening their fan club.

The Wind reinforces their bond with fans and opens up exciting new avenues for interaction and appreciation & beomhan height , bada lee birthday.

The Excitement Builds

They are gearing up for their highly anticipated first official comeback since their debut. Set for August 2 at 6 PM KST, their upcoming release titled ‘Ready: Summer Vacation’ is poised to deliver the ultimate summer soundtrack.

WHIZ Community

They extend a warm invitation to fans to join the WHIZ community and become an integral part of their narrative.


By rallying behind the group and actively participating in fan club activities, fans can play a vital role in shaping their success and forging unforgettable memories together.


As fans eagerly anticipate the release of ‘Ready: Summer Vacation,’ the bond between The Wind and WHIZ continues to strengthen, heralding a new era of music and camaraderie in the vibrant landscape of Kpop.

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