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Beard Transplant: Procedure, Cost

  1. Consultation:
    • The process starts with a consultation with a hair restoration specialist. During this consultation, the doctor evaluates the patient’s beard Beard Hair Transplant in Dubai  and hair to determine if they are a good candidate for the procedure.
  2. Designing the Beard:
    • The specialist works with the patient to design the desired beard shape and density. This involves marking the face to outline where the hair will be transplanted.
  3. Donor Hair Extraction:
    • Hair follicles are typically extracted from the back of the scalp (donor area) using one of the following methods:
      • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): Individual hair follicles are removed directly from the donor area.
      • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation): A strip of scalp is removed, and then individual follicles are dissected from this strip.
    • FUE is more common for beard transplants due to its minimal scarring.
  4. Preparing the Recipient Area:
    • Tiny incisions are made in the beard area where the hair follicles will be transplanted.
  5. Transplantation:
    • The extracted hair follicles are carefully placed into the incisions in the beard area, paying attention to the direction and angle of natural beard growth.
  6. Recovery:
    • Initial recovery takes a few days, during which the patient may experience some redness, swelling, and scabbing in the transplant area.
    • Full recovery and the final results can take several months as the transplanted hair grows and blends with the natural beard.


The cost of a   beard implant near me transplant  varies widely depending on several factors:

  1. Geographic Location:
    • Costs can vary significantly between countries and even between different cities within the same country.
  2. Clinic and Surgeon:
    • The reputation, experience, and demand for the clinic and surgeon performing the procedure can affect the price.
  3. Extent of Transplant:
    • The number of grafts needed plays a major role in determining the cost. More extensive transplants requiring more grafts will be more expensive.
  4. Method Used:
    • FUE tends to be more expensive than FUT due to the precision and time required for individual follicle extraction.
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