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Fine Tune Your Book Project for Profitability

If you’re writing and self-publishing a book with an eye on sales and profits, think twice about going through print on demand. Because of convenience and less responsibility, many first-time writers go that route. However, finding printing and book fulfillment outside the on-demand system may serve you better. First, the ability to sell books in all retail channels, online and in-store, is limited by more print-on-demand companies. You’re stuck with online sales limited to specific platforms. Granted, they may have massive sales, but your target readers may shop elsewhere. Selling in more places is beneficial.

Writing a great book and making it competitive is the first step. Understanding the role of content preparation professionals is also crucial. If you’re going to compete against big-time authors and their established publishers, you need to produce a professional book. Trying to self-edit is risky because you’re close to the content and don’t see it as a reader might. An editor’s fresh pair of eyes is helpful in multiple ways, especially when they are experienced in your genre. The dialogue between the author and the editor is one of the most essential parts of producing a book. Hire an editor with care and caution.

Think also about how to print your book and what it needs to be attractive to your target audience. You’re competing against other authors who will take things seriously, and measuring up is crucial. It’s a given that about 80 percent of books are read as printed copies, so binding, cover design and formatting are mainly important, even in the digital age. Producing an audiobook and reading it yourself is also a good idea. It will add incrementally to sales, but audio excerpts become “sound bites” in your voice. They’re helpful for marketing, and you can post a sample audio chapter on your website.

Treat your book as a product and consider elements like how it should be priced, what trim size is best, and how people will use it. Answering questions like these can help you produce a reader-friendly book that people perceive as valuable. There’s a solid case for hiring a professional cover designer. Your book’s cover must be eye-catching in large and small formats and fit its genre well. You might think anyone with graphic design abilities can handle book covers, but people specializing in the field have more to offer. They will help you make an excellent first impression.

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