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How to Optimize the Perfect H1 Tag on website

The H1 heading Tags can improve your web search positioning and increase visibility on Search engine. Buy it maybe, possibly that you don’t have a clue what that means, or even how to tell if your site is using the H1 tag properly to maximize your search engine placement.

What is H1 tag?

The H1 tag is the first heading tag in HTML, usually consider as the title of a post or article or other emphasized text on the page. It generally is the largest text that stands out. For example, a headline in a newspaper would be considered as piece of H1 heading tag.

How to check you website have h1 tag?

If you don’t know how to check H1 tag on your website, then just follow these simple steps:

  • Open your browser and go to the URL of your website page you want to check H1 tag.
  • Right on anywhere of web page then ‘View Page Source’ and A new window will open displaying the HTML code
  • Click ‘edit’ then ‘find.’
  • Type in H1 and click ‘find next’
  • This will now highlight the sections of your site that are using the H1 tag

Your website is using an H1 tag. Now how can you determine that you are optimized a perfect h1 Tag on your web pages?

Follow these steps to optimized perfect H1 tags on you web pages.

  • Your web page should be use only one h1 tag. If you’ve more than one h1 tag on your web page, then change H1 tags to an h2 or h3.
  • Your web page h1 tag should be at the top of the page content (above any other heading tags within the page code). If your site is divided in to columns the left column may appear “higher” in the code. Be sure it does not contain any h1 tags as most likely the center column contains the main content of the page.
  • Your web page h1 tag should contain your most important keywords for that page and if possible the first word or words in the H1 should be the keywords. These should use on the web page title tag and META description.
  • Your web page h1 tag should help your reader understand what the page is about.

If you have and question or suggestion related this post and related to SEO Friendly URLs and SEO you should ask to me or leave you comment. If you enjoyed this post, I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to a friend, or sharing it on Twitter or Facebook.

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