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Why Should Your Website Have SEO Friendly URLs Structure

What is a URL?

URL is stand for Uniform Resource Locator commonly known as a web address. It is simply a path which specifies the location a web page or document on website.

Examples of URLs:

Website has two type of URL Structure?

  • SEO Unfriendly URLs
  • SEO Friendly URLs

SEO Unfriendly URLs / Dynamic URLs

SEO unfriendly URL or dynamic URL is the address of a dynamic web page which often contain the following symbols: ?, &, %, +, =, $. These URLs are mostly generated from specific queries to a website’s database.


SEO Friendly URLs

SEO Friendly URL is a URL accurately describes the page using keywords that are easy to read for both search engines and users.


Why should your website have SEO Friendly URLs Structure?

Improved user experience

SEO Friendly URLs makes the user experience better and very easy to understand that what is web page all about.

Search Engine Rankings

Google and other search engines give high priority to SEO friendly URLs then unfriendly URLs or dynamic URL. This means high chance of website visible on search query.

Help to Build Keywords Related Backlinks

SEO Friendly URLs can serve as their own anchor text when copied and pasted as links in forums, blogs, social media networks, or other online venues.

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