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All You Need to Know About the Cost of PRP Hair Therapy in Dubai

When it comes to PRP hair therapy in Dubai, one of the top clinics to consider is Dynamic Clinic. With their team of experts and state-of-the-art facilities, they provide top-notch services to clients looking to improve the health and appearance of their hair. In this article, we will delve into everything you need to know about the PRP Hair Therapy Cost in Dubai at Dynamic Clinic.

What is PRP Hair Therapy?

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) hair therapy is a non-surgical treatment that involves using the patient’s blood to stimulate hair growth. The process involves drawing blood from the individual, processing it to extract the platelet-rich plasma, and then injecting it into the scalp. This helps stimulate hair follicles, promote hair growth, and improve the overall quality of the hair.

How Much Does PRP Hair Therapy Cost at Dynamic Clinic?

The cost of PRP hair therapy at Dynamic Clinic in Dubai can vary depending on a few factors. These include the extent of the treatment needed, the number of sessions required, and any additional services that may be included. On average, the cost of PRP hair therapy at Dynamic Clinic starts from AED 1500 per session.

Factors Affecting the Cost of PRP Hair Therapy:

  • Extent of Treatment: The cost of PRP hair therapy can increase based on the area of the scalp that needs to be treated. More extensive treatment may require more sessions, leading to higher costs.
  • Number of Sessions: While some individuals may see results after just one session, others may require multiple sessions to achieve their desired outcome. This can impact the overall cost of the treatment.
  • Additional Services: Dynamic Clinic may offer additional services, such as scalp treatments or hair care products, which can add to the overall cost of PRP hair therapy.

Is PRP Hair Therapy Worth the Cost?

Investing in PRP hair therapy at Dynamic Clinic can be a worthwhile decision for those looking to improve the health and appearance of their hair. The treatment is safe, non-invasive, and has been shown to effectively stimulate hair growth. Additionally, the results are natural-looking and long-lasting, making it a popular choice among individuals looking to address hair loss or thinning.


In conclusion, PRP hair therapy is a cost-effective solution for individuals looking to improve the health and appearance of their hair. Dynamic Clinic in Dubai offers top-quality PRP hair therapy services at competitive prices, making it a great option for those seeking a reliable and effective treatment. If you’re considering PRP hair therapy, contact Dynamic Clinic for a consultation and find out how they can help you achieve your hair goals.

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