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Is Los Angeles Invisalign the right choice for every patient?

Invisalign aligners have become more popular than traditional braces for adults and teens. These clear, detachable aligners are best for straightening your white teeth. Most orthodontists recommend Los Angeles Invisalign to correct your bites and solve other dental problems. Transparent aligners have become an attractive choice. Besides, you can easily floss and brush your teeth without removing the aligners. Although these aligners are designed for everyone, the orthodontic treatment may not be suitable for some patients. So, should you consider having clear Invisalign aligners for your dental problems? Speak to an orthodontist and learn about its suitability.

Understanding the treatment with Invisalign aligners

Invisalign refers to a set of clear trays, which are adjustable to your teeth’s positioning. The orthodontist will provide you with a custom mold and set the first tray. It will cause a slight shift in your teeth’s shape. Another tray will be set to adjust your teeth to a certain level. So, you will have straight teeth after having a number of trays. There is no need to wear visible, traditional braces. Consult your dentist to know the Invisalign cost Los Angeles.

Who should consider using Invisalign aligners?

Find the scenarios when you can choose Invisalign aligners. 

1. No complexities with your crooked teeth

Most crooked teeth problems can be solved with Invisalign. The aligners are the right choice for people who have-

  • Crossbites
  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Openbites

Those with crowded teeth or gaps between teeth can also rely on Invisalign treatment. However, it never means that it will be effective for everyone. Your orthodontist will inspect your dental condition before choosing Invisalign Los Angeles. In complex dental cases, you should undergo dental surgery. Sometimes, you cannot straighten your teeth without traditional braces.

2. You have the adult teeth

If you have no adult teeth, orthodontists may avoid cosmetic treatment for your teeth. They cannot determine the growth of the adult teeth in children. So, kids with baby teeth can avoid the treatment. Let your dentist check your teeth before deciding on the Invisalign process.

3. You have maintained oral hygiene

Maintaining your oral hygiene is vital to have treatment with Invisalign trays, it is essential to maintain your oral hygiene. Make sure your oral parts are healthy before having the trays. It is also important to take care of the trays to avoid further infections. Without maintenance, you may need to replace the aligners.

Besides, your oral parts must have no diseases. Consider brushing your teeth regularly before consulting your orthodontist in Los Angeles. These few efforts will make you ready for the treatment

4. You are not a regular smoker

As you need to wear Invisalign aligners for the maximum time, you cannot use tobacco or smoke cigarettes. It may make the trays dirty or affect their performance. If you remove the trays and smoke frequently, Invisalign will not be highly effective. It is because you are not wearing them for long hours.

Besides, smoking is unhealthy for your dental health and your overall health. So, it is better to quit this habit before having Invisalign.

5. Your age is appropriate for Invisalign treatment

Most orthodontists avoid choosing Invisalign aligners for children and young teens. So, if you are mature enough, you can consider cosmetic treatment with Invisalign. The main reason is that you always need to take care of removable Invisalign trays.

When should you avoid Invisalign aligners?

Invisalign is not the right choice for people who have missing teeth. The aligners depend on your existing teeth for better stability and move these into the desired alignment. If your dental arch has gaps, Invisalign aligners cannot adjust other teeth effectively. However, the loss of a tooth creates an unsightly gap, and the surrounding teeth become misaligned. 

Invisalign aligners will not provide the best results in these cases. They may not move your teeth back into the right positions. That is why traditional treatments are the effective alternatives. After aligning your teeth, you can use dental implants to replace your missing tooth.

Besides, if you have severe bite issues, you can avoid using Invisalign. The treatment should involve drastic movement of the teeth. Brackets and metal wires of traditional braces apply strong force and control each tooth’s movement.

On the contrary, Invisalign braces Los Angeles are invisible plastic trays intended only for subtle adjustments. They are not effective in addressing severe malocclusions, as they do not provide much force to move your teeth considerably. So, Invisalign alone cannot deal with complex orthodontic issues. You may combine traditional braces and Invisalign for a better outcome.

Furthermore, if you have serious gum disorders, Invisalign will be ineffective. Although most orthodontists recommend Invisalign aligners for minor problems, some prefer traditional braces. The choice of orthodontic treatments depends on your needs and your dental expert’s advice. If you have gum issues, you should consult your dentist in Los Angeles to assess the condition.


To have Los Angeles Invisalign treatments, you can contact Cal Dental Group. The orthodontists at this clinic are certified and qualified to provide cosmetic dental treatment. You will also learn about other treatments for your dental issues.

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