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Kids Friendly adorable sights worth a visit in Turkey and Europe.

The visuals of colorful hot air balloons and Turkish Baklavas start fluttering in mind whenever there is mention of Turkey and Europe. The enchanting places and destinations ideal for tourists are attracting the attention of maximum tourists.


If you have got that butterfly spirit in your gut and have a firm will to explore more then Turkey and Europe are surely the place for you. When you have signed for Turkey Travel packages from Mumbai the itineraries are filled with loaded adventure sights, cultural heritage sites and places that are totally worth bringing you that charismatic feel.  


If you want to go breakfree and explore more of Turkey and the regions of Europe then these places are definitely worth a visit.


Bosphorus cruise: The historical landmarks in Istanbul make it more joyous with the boat ride. It’s altogether a different experience to seagulls following you along the entire road. There are waterside villas also for a stay.


Galata Tower: Taking the advantage of being 60 metro high, this place offers you a stunning view of the city. It’s amazing to take photos of the city from here. The prior arrangements by reputed tour guides makes your trip hassle free.


Blue Mosque: The moment you enter this spiritual place brings to you a lot of positive vibes. The beautiful architecture here is totally commendable. Throughout the years, it’s said that wishes do get fulfilled when a person visits here and pay homage with full heart.


Turkey Aquarium: It’s so beautiful to see the piranhas, stingrays and all other sea creatures. When you are here don’t miss out the beauty of 5D theaters. The magnificence of the place is so much that it allows you to observe water, fog, wind and air.


Try out the thermal pools at Pamukkale: This place is excellent if you want to just rejuvenate your senses. The hot springs at Pamukkale will take away all your stress. The place out here is perfect to just sit, relax and get an all natural sauna while having a dip.


Dervish the local dance: While there are various entertaining things in Turkey and Europe. When you have signed  up for Europe Tour packages be rest assured that you won’t miss out on any prominent spots. This dance is basically performed by the locals wearing white attire. This dance is basically done to show devotion to the almighty.


Trying out hands on cheese Fondue: There are many options for vegetarian meal lovers too when you are all set to explore Europe. The different flavored cheese and amazing prepared fondue at many places is sure to enhance your appetite. This dish is served in the local pot and was first discovered in Europe.


Goulash: This could be an excellent treat for Non vegetarian. Not served everywhere but this meat stew meal comes with the wholesome vegetables. The heavy paprika seasoning just relishes the taste buds right. One of the interesting facts about the dish is that it was found in the 9th century. In the good olden days this meat was prepared by cowboys.


Kumpir: This is considered to be one of the popular street foods. The primary ingredients are Turkish baked potatoes. With the secret home guarded spices, this dish is served with loads of cheese and butter. To add to its charm there are even toppings of meat, veggies, different sauces and some more cheese.


Menemen: It goes without saying this standard breakfast served at many places will take your appetite high to the next level. This dish is often made with scrambled eggs very affectionately made with the tomato, pepper and spices. If you want to have a heavy breakfast for the day, then this recipe is worth suited option for you.


Lahcuman: Similar to the pizza-like delicacy, this flat bread delicacy served with the toppings will surely give you mouth melting goals. The difference is you can enjoy this delicacy in burrito style. One portion of it will be sufficient enough for two people. Many bloggers click interesting photographs of the dish and let the world know about it.


Turkish Ravioli: Mostly while preparing this delicacy the makers put beef or lamb meat. The stuffed dumplings do take a sweet course of time in the making. Mostly they are covered with a lot of yogurt and spice laden sauce.


Turkish soup: If you have mixed feelings of not keeping yourself heavy yet want to have the feeling of a full tummy, then Turkish soup is worth a try. The preparation of this soup is done with the help of tomatoes and choice of lentils.


Kuzu Tandir: Both Turkey and Europe is a heaven for meat lovers. In this dish the preparation is with well cooked lamb.


Right from the cultural heritage sites, pilgrimage spots to the best of curated Turkey and Europe experience. Everything is meticulously planned at a cost effective price. If you are planning a trip with family then both Turkey and Europe are sufficient enough to keep your joy rush running.

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