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Let an Orange County Divorce Mediation Attorney Help

Divorce is never easy. All the family law disputes you’re facing will eventually reach an agreement, but how you get to this settlement is your choice.

When it comes to a failed marriage, the spouses have multiple options to part ways. Divorce mediation is one of the most popular methods for divorce in California. At Jos Family Law, we have trained mediators who understand collaborative law and can use the approach to help you and your spouse reach a divorce agreement that serves everyone’s interests.

Our Orange County divorce mediation attorneys offer divorce mediation services that do not require you to go to court. Our trained mediators facilitate communication between you and your spouse so that families have more control over the process and can make informed decisions for their future.

Benefits of Mediation

·        Cost

Divorce mediation is cheaper than divorce litigation. Instead of separate attorneys, both spouses hire a single mediator.

·        Creativity

Divorce mediation gives great flexibility to the spouses to control the outcome. It allows couples to be creative in dividing financial assets.

·        Closure

Litigation is often an adversarial process. Our mediators help you adjust to your new family dynamics with solutions keeping in mind your entire family.

Contact Us

Share details of your divorce so that our Orange County divorce mediation attorneys can help. We’ll create a tailored approach to reach a settlement that serves everyone’s best interests.

Call (714) 733-7066 or send an email to to schedule a free consultation with Jos Family Law.

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