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The phases of in vitro fertilization | Genova Infertility Centre

It is an in vitro fertilization technique, but it differs from the one just seen. It is indicated, for example, for women suffering from advanced endometriosis or damage to the fallopian tubes. Louise was the first baby to be born through in vitro fertilization. Since then, millions of children have been born thanks to assisted reproduction and the courage of their parents.

1) It all starts with a correct diagnosis

A couple can talk about infertility only after having had intentionally fertile intercourse for at least a year without having been able to conceive. After this time it is advisable to contact a specialist for a diagnosis.

What is in vitro fertilization and how does it happen?

As specialists we have various options available to resolve couple sterility. One of these is IVF in Pakistan, one of the main assisted reproductive techniques .

2) Hormonal stimulation

To increase the chances of pregnancy, the woman must produce a greater number of eggs compared to the spontaneous cycle. For this reason it is necessary to stimulate the ovary for 8-14 days following which ovulation will be induced.

3) The collection of gametes

36 hours after the last injection it is possible to proceed with the collection of oocytes and seminal fluid to proceed with insemination.

4) How insemination occurs

In in vitro fertilization, insemination takes place outside the woman’s body, with two different methods: IVF or ICSI.

  •  IVF: a drop of seminal fluid is poured onto the collected eggs. As happens in nature, the sperm alone will cross the membrane of the egg to fertilize it. This technique can be used if male infertility is mild or the tubes are blocked.
  • ICSI: a single sperm is injected into the mature oocyte using a very thin needle. The embryologist will select the most suitable one, after evaluating its mobility and morphology. This technique is more effective if the spermatozoa are not very active and mobile or in the case of a cryopreserved oocyte.

5) What happens after in vitro fertilization?

18-20 hours later we will verify that the oocytes have been fertilized.
The day after the fertilized eggs have divided, a decision will be made when the embryos will be transferred to the mother’s uterus.

6) Embryo transfer into the maternal uterus

It is a simple procedure performed under ultrasound control. The introduced embryos will rest on the endometrium, the internal layer of the uterus, where they can implant.

Cost of In Vitro Fertilization

Our goal is to provide exemplary care and service to our patients. We clearly present the IVF Cost in Pakistan with your own or borrowed eggs to avoid any hidden additional costs. If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.


During our work we have seen women’s tears shed for a body that doesn’t work, transform into smiles, and the worry on their faces give way to happiness. Every day we work to help you realize your biggest dream: having a family. We are ready to start this journey together with all couples who want a child.

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