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The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Tiling Sydney

The selection of the right tiles and working with an experienced contractor can transform commercial spaces in Sydney. Tiling can convert your place from ordinary to extraordinary or from useless to functional. With the right choice of commercial tiling Sydneymake your commercial property really attractive.

However, keep in mind that commercial tiling is different from residential timing. Choose an expert tiller having wide exposure to commercial tiling.

A Brief Introduction to Commercial Tiling

Commercial tiling involves the installation of tiles in high-traffic areas (offices, stores, and restaurants) by trained professionals. Commercial tiling needs to be more strong and durable.

Types of Commercial Tiles

Tile Type Description Benefits Disadvantages Applications
Porcelain Tiles Made from a fine-grained, dense ceramic material. Highly durable and stain-resistant Can feel cold barefoot High-traffic areas (lobbies, hallways)
Ceramic Tiles A cost-effective option for those who want to maintain a good balance between durability and aesthetics. Affordable Not an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. Moderate-traffic areas (offices, retail stores)
Terrazzo Tiles These types of tiles are made from marble, granite, quartz, or glass chips embedded in concrete. Durable and long-lasting  Requires periodic replacement  High-end lobbies, restaurants, and retail stores
Concrete Look Tiles Porcelain or ceramic tiles are designed to look like polished concrete, offering a modern and industrial appearance. Modern and stylish Offices, retail stores, restaurants
Natural Stone Tiles Made from granite, slate, limestone, or other natural stones, it offers a timeless and luxurious appearance. Unique beauty and durability Expensive High-end lobbies, bathrooms, and feature walls
Glass Tiles Made from colored or transparent textured glass, offering a unique and light-reflective aesthetic. create striking visual effects Can be more expensive than other options Backsplashes, shower walls, and accent features

Choosing the right commercial tiling Sydney service for Your Place

Tiling is a technical job. In this matter, you can trust only an experienced tiler like Platinum Tiling.  

Before installation of titles, you must consider the following factors –

  • Consider the amount of foot traffic your space will receive on average every day. High-traffic areas need the installation of stronger titles than low-traffic areas. In such a case, your tiler will guide you.
  • Choose colors and patterns that align with your business’s branding and interior design. In this matter, a commercial tiler can help you. Floor and wall tiling should go well with the overall interior or exterior décor.
  • Inform your budget and requirements to your contractor before signing the agreement. A trusted commercial tiler will make your project feasible within your budget.

What to Look for in a Contractor?

Selecting professional experienced tilers is very important for ensuring high-quality work. You may consider the following parameters for your tiler before finalizing the deal:

  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Portfolio and Past Projects
  • Licensing and Insurance.

If you are looking for the best commercial tiling Sydney service, you may contact Platinum Tiling. Platinum Tiling is the leading tiling contractor in Sydney. The company offers high-quality tiling services at affordable rates.

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