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Trusted Anaheim Divorce Attorneys

At Jos Family Law, we understand how tough and emotionally draining your marriage dissolution can be. Our experienced Anaheim divorce attorneys specialize in handling all types of divorce cases – including those involving children and high net-worth assets. With 55 years of combined experience, Jos Family Law has gained a reputation for compassionate and zealous advocacy in Southern California. Our lead attorney, Mr. Binoye Jos, is a certified family law specialist who has decades of experience in handling complex divorce and other family law cases. 


We provide seasoned and tailored advice to individuals and families who are going through the toughest phase of their lives. We aim to help them navigate the legal quagmire so that they can come out with the peace of mind that their future will be better than the past. 


Why Choose Our Anaheim Divorce Attorneys?


Jos Family Law has handled thousands of cases while protecting the rights and interests of families at every turn. We provide personalized attention to every case. When you hire our Anaheim divorce attorneys, you get:


·       Holistic Solutions


Have the peace of mind of knowing that your case is handled by legal experts who are specialists in every area of family law.


·       Tailored Strategy


Every family and case is unique, which is why we provide tailored advice and representation bespoke to their situation to achieve the results they want. 


·       Proven Track Record


Our law firm has gained the respect and admiration of clients and peers for ethical conduct and legal acumen. 


·       Free Consultation 


We offer a free initial consultation to understand your situation and provide you with options to go ahead. 


Contact us Today


At Jos Family Law, we serve individuals and families throughout Orange County, including Anaheim. Please call us at 714-733-7066 or

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