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What is the importance of teacher education?

What is the importance of teacher education?

Those who choose to pursue a career in teaching require professional preparation in pedagogy through a teachers education program. There are two types of this: the progressive or open type, which emphasizes the subjectivity of the students and focuses on the learning process, and the traditional or closed form, which emphasizes the objectivist perspective and the learning result.

What is Teachers’ Education?

In addition to tasks that are essential to teaching and learning, teachers must also carry out a variety of tasks, such as instructing, assessing, communicating, advising and counseling students, planning extracurricular activities, taking part in community programs, diagnosing and solving students’ problems, etc. These skills can be achieved with efficient knowledge on teaching pedagogy and digital pedagogy that can be gained with the help of teachers education programs. The academic and professional preparation of teachers and teacher educators must be flawless for this to happen. 

What is the significance of Teachers’ Education?

The following are the different factors of importance of teachers education programs such as B.Ed or similar other educational qualifications. 

  • To instruct educators in the management of educational materials in order for them to recognize and devise the best ways to employ a range of suitable teaching and learning resources from the media, community, surroundings, audiovisual aids, and self-study materials.
  • To enable them to facilitate productive classroom interactions that will advance both individual and group learning.
  • Assessing learning outcomes requires careful preparation and execution of a complete, ongoing assessment of the teaching and learning process using the right instruments and methodologies.
  • To equip them with the necessary skills to carry out compensatory education initiatives for underprivileged students by planning and taking part in tutoring, remedial education, special coaching, etc.
  • To equip them with the necessary skills to meet the unique requirements of gifted and challenged kids.
  • To make them sufficient to encourage environmental consciousness, a secular outlook, a scientific temper, and cultural pursuits in the students and the community. 
  • To make the future teachers adequate to assist students in resolving their academic, professional, and personal problems as well as to take part in other student support activities.
  • To get the future teachers ready to take part in and make contributions to complementary and parallel educational service systems such as adult literacy, workers’ education, non-formal education, etc.
  • To give them the ability to plan and take part in community service and development programs.
  • To implement them for curriculum teaching practices that are effective, such as creating lesson plans, instructional boundaries, sequences, etc., through problem-solving, inquiry, discussion, projects, and discovery.
  • To equip them with the necessary skills to facilitate productive classroom interactions that foster both individual and group learning. 

Benefits or Advantages of Teachers Education

1) Professional development 

Teachers get the chance for ongoing professional development by learning new techniques, approaches, tactics, abilities, and resources when they participate in teachers education and training programs. Upon acquiring additional skills, educators naturally experience increased self-assurance, contentment, and drive to accomplish more with their pupils. Happy and confident teachers translate to happy and confident students!

2) Improved Student Administration

Effectively getting to know, comprehend, and analyze one’s students is crucial for teachers. They won’t be able to instruct their students till then. I mean, teaching 5-year old kids and 12-year-old children can not and should not be the same thing. Programs for teacher development assist educators in comprehending and managing their students more effectively.

3) Provides the future teachers with cutting-edge teaching techniques with knowledge in digital pedagogy

Teachers, particularly those who have been in the classroom for a long time and may not be familiar with updated practices and methodologies, can acquire new approaches and procedures through a holistic teacher training program that will help them teach their students more effectively. These programs contain modules on digital pedagogy consisting of knowledge on the use of advanced and new technologies in teaching practices. Not every conventional teaching strategy is ineffectual. However, some of them are no longer applicable.

4) Fosters stronger bonds with parents 

Teachers’ relationships with parents are a significant determinant of students’ achievement and happiness in every school.  Teachers should make an effort to establish and preserve a good rapport with the parents of their students. During parent-teacher conferences, pick-up and drop-off, and other events, teachers are the ones who speak with parents the most. A higher school satisfaction rating is correlated with improved parent-school interactions.

5) Has an indirect impact on thousands of kids 

Students are not the only ones impacted by teacher training programs. Upskilling one teacher can have an influence on thousands of children. Since children will be the nation’s future citizens, teachers have a significant role to play in fostering nationalism. So consider the potential influence that highly qualified educators could have. 

Final Thoughts

The cooperative attitude and moral character of trained instructors are markedly different from those of unqualified teachers. A society is enhanced by education. In the sense that the advancement of society’s quality is largely dependent on the quality of teachers and education, Thus, the teacher education further enhances society. Teacher education entails applying the same educational procedure to the future teachers that would eventually apply to his students.

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