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IQOO 12 5G Review – The Best Flagship Smartphone of 2023

Introduction – 

          IQOO 12 5G is the best flagship smartphone because  it comes with all   amazing features & functions in its 50k price range. It’s going to be a killing machine for all other smartphones in the market,because it comes with 8th Gen 3 Soc and it is the first smartphone in India with this feature.

           In India the price  range will start with 52,999 for the  IQOO 12 5G,So let’s see if this smartphone  will be worth this price!


IQOO 12 5G is the fastest Android smartphone in the last 10 years regarding the revolutionary  period of smartphones in India.It gains full High marks for amazing display experience, awesome loudspeakers,flawless Cameras,Long battery life and of course Super fast charging speed that you have experienced  ever.There is no wireless charging support and software was purely incredible for it .

Design And Display 


The IQOO 12 design is truly attractive and it’s  not heavy at all to use or carry. It looks supremely  premium and pleasant. When you will carry or use it you will definitely love it because it doesn’t feel like a heavy smartphone.

           The glass panel and shining aluminum frame gives you a solid grip.I will definitely  assure you that your fingerprints and smudges do not stand out  because of the matte coating on this amazing smartphone.The back panel of white variant of this smartphone remains with its cleanliness.

         When I talk about the back panel ,there is quite an impressive camera and the design of the camera is awesome with its surface.Whenever ,your index finger touches the back panel it doesn’t  rub because the glass was too smooth when you are holding it. The smartphone edge is covered with chrome finish and it is built with 100× Tele Lens and it gives a decent contrast look for this smartphone.The LED flash was positioned in an elongated cutout of the smartphone.

       The back panel has truly innovated with tricolor patterns and its shining identity  of the IQOO brand on the smartphone. Extraordinary  feature of this Smartphone  is its IP64 and dust resistance. Type C charging and USB port is available  for Connectivity in this amazing Smartphone. Smartphones have an optical fingerprint scanner which unlocks your phone within a few seconds.I had thought it would be positioned higher on the screen for best accessibility.


At the front of IQOO 12 Super power booster with  6.7inch LT3PO Amoled display which gives you an incredible refresh rate between 1HZ -144HZ based on your using content.When we talking about display features,it’s 1,200 ×2,800 resolution and its gives you 3000 nits brightness in low light,and 2,160 PWM dimming (pulse width modulation) it was specifically used  to control brightness of display.There is typical punch hole in selfie-camera with  this smartphone.

According to our experts the resolution  was truly amazing of this smartphone with flagship series,display is flawless with crisp visuals with Vibrant color functionality.Basically the visuals are so impressive  in sunlight and it’s simply  tremendous. Another amazing essential  function of this smartphone  is you can easily get a perfect movie or gaming experience with high resolution.It’s fully functional with Widevine L-1 certified for FHD playback with HDR support and it’s best for streaming of Netflix.

 The IQOO 12 comes with the best audio quality but it comes with stereo sound speakers,but it doesn’t  support Dolby Atmos but it gives you an awesome crisp  audio experience at maximum volume  range.


Performance and Software 


IQOO 12 enhanced with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8th Gen 3 Soc which is the latest and fastest processor of this year.You will not find the lengthy process of slowing down while using multiple applications  at one time in this smartphone.This is the benchmark of this amazing and coolest smartphone of this year and IQOO 12 Grabbed the An Tu Tu score of 20,73,660,No other smartphone can achieve this till this year.

 The smartphone does heat up a little bit while CPU throttle testing when 50 threads run for half an hour. It performs better than IQOO 11 in the CPU throttle test.


IQOO 12 performs consistently well without  giving you any kind of hurdle.This handset is specifically  equipped  with 6,010mm square vapour chamber to maintain a cool temperature to bring you a flawless performance when you are in gaming sessions.

This handset is equipped with Supercomputer chip Q1 to provide you incredible superior  resolution and frame rates.This handset added extraordinary  features for gaming like Motion Control,Gyroscope enhancement ,4D Vibration etc.

According to me this is the best performance based smartphone in 2023.This handset comes with two different  Ram and storage configurations:12GB+256GB and 16GB+512GB.


When talking about the software IQOO12 boots with the latest FunTouch OS based on Android 14.The new skin of this handset with major upgrades from last version of this series smartphone.In this handset you will get more smoother animation with new lock customizations.


The Company promises three years of major OS updates with this Smartphone and four years of security updates.



Not in just performance it’s totally worth it for its amazing cameras.IQOO 12 boosts with triple rear lens camera system.IQOO 12 fully featured  with flagship-grade camera with 50 MP primary sensor,aided by 50 ultra-wide sensor and 64 telephoto lens with 3x optical and 100x digital zoom. The  camera of this smartphone is too impressive,with images  collecting all details,sharp and well-saturated in all different lighting situations.The contrast ratio is too good.

        All three cameras can easily detect the available light and activate night mode,and can get brighter results with a touch of smoothening to eliminate noise.

Battery and Charging 


The IQOO 12 comes with a 5,000 mAh battery and it gives the same capacity but benefits through improved screen and chipset. Specifically,the smartphone provides a long-lasting battery backup.

For heavier users  incorporating navigation,the battery life might give you slight  reduction.On the PCMark battery test ,the handset gave a score of 14 hours 14 min.

 When we talk about charging, IQOO 12 has an amazing 120w fast-charging solution,assured that this smartphone only takes 30 min to fully charge.



The IQOO 12 definitely  passes  on all kinds of expectations.This handset Worth for the price range of  50k.The amazing design of this smartphone  always being attractive and the visuals whether it’s images or video both are totally incredible.The smartphone  gives you the best refresh rate to get a flawless gaming experience.

The charging speed of this smartphone is too good compared to other smartphones.The Snapdragon 8th Gen is the USP of this Smartphone.Overall, this is the best flagship smartphone of 2023.


  • The IQOO 12 is especially pleasant for the eye and it feels good in hand.


  • The amazing AMOLED display gives you crisp visuals and vibrant colors.


  • The cameras are too good to capture applying images in various lighting  situations.


  • Performance is truly tremendous and charging speed is perfect.

Cons –


  • The software offers a bloated experience with pre-installed  apps.


  • The handset  isn’t  giving you wireless charging support.



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