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What Does “WTM” Mean on Snapchat?

You would be knowing that communication on social media is very much different from a face-to-face conversation. If you are one of the users of Snapchat then you might have seen various acronyms which are used on this platform. Have you ever received a message with ‘WTM’? If you are doubting what WTM means on Snapchat then read the below content. 

What Does ‘WTM’ Mean on Snapchat?

Most of the users would be having a doubt what does WTM mean on snapchat. One of the typical meanings of ‘WTM’ is what’s the move? The Snapchat user can use this abbreviation in their story or their comment. There are many videos and photos of the party which are using this abbreviation. If the person wants to get details about the party then they can use this abbreviation. 

Through this, the sender can get details about the venue, timings, dress code, and many more. It is very easy to guess the first letters of the acronym but “M” can be a challenging part because there are many things that can be represented. “M” stands for “matter” or “means”.

How is “WTM” Used?

When the person is doing face-to-face conversation then you can use the full form of ‘WTM’. It is considered one of the casual ways of asking about the plans for a party or an event. If the person is having a conversation on Snapchat then you can use this abbreviation for getting more information regarding the event. 

When to Use ‘WTM’ on Snapchat

What does WTM mean in text is one of the questions which arises in the mind of users. ‘WTM’ is considered as one of the best ways to ask the person about the party. Some of the instances where a person can use this acronym on Snapchat are as follows:

  1. When the person is planning an event with their friends. 
  2. When the person is having a plan for a weekend or a holiday. 

If the person is having a weekend off and you want to go outside then you can Snapchat your friends with this acronym. Then they would understand the meaning easily. 

How to Reply When Someone Sends you ‘WTM’?

When the person receives a ‘WTM’ message on Snapchat then they must reply with the details of the event. The person can provide time, venue, and many more. If the person is not having any details about the event then they must tell the other person. They can even use ‘IDK’. A person who is a frequent user of Snapchat would understand the meaning easily. If the person is new to this platform then they have to type the answer in full. The person can even share the posters or an image of the event to avoid typing. 

Other meaning of ‘WTM”

‘WTM’ meaning in a text is “whatever that means”. The person can use this abbreviation when they are not sure about the answer. This mostly refers to the sarcastic sentence. The other meaning can be “what’s the matter”. This is considered as one of the ways of asking the person about how they are feeling.


Slag is considered as unpredictable and many of the users enjoy using these abbreviations because of their hidden meanings. There are three different meanings on the same platform. 


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