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10 Best Homestays in Kerala for a Foodie’s Paradise in Wayanad



Nestled in the lush greenery of Kerala’s Wayanad district lies a paradise for food enthusiasts. Wayanad, known for its serene landscapes and rich biodiversity, offers more than just scenic beauty. It serves as a haven for those seeking authentic culinary experiences amidst nature’s bounty. The homestays in this region not only provide comfortable accommodation but also tantalize the taste buds with their delectable traditional cuisines. Here’s a rundown of the ten best homestays in kerala Wayanad that promise a foodie’s delight:


  1. Vythiri Meadows: Tucked away in the midst of sprawling tea estates, Vythiri Meadows offers a retreat into nature’s lap. The homestay boasts of mouthwatering Malabar delicacies prepared with locally sourced ingredients, promising an authentic culinary journey.


  1. Tranquil Resort: True to its name, Tranquil Resort provides a peaceful escape into the heart of Wayanad’s wilderness. Here, guests can savor the flavors of Kerala’s coastal cuisine, prepared with a homely touch by skilled chefs.


  1. Green Gates: Situated amidst spice plantations, Green Gates Homestay is a paradise for spice lovers. Guests can indulge in traditional Kerala meals infused with aromatic spices, all while soaking in the serene ambiance of Wayanad.


  1. Wayanad Blooms: Offering a blend of comfort and tranquility, Wayanad Blooms serves up a feast for the senses. From authentic Malabar biryanis to lip-smacking seafood dishes, every meal here is a celebration of Kerala’s culinary heritage.


  1. Coffee Acres Plantation Homestay: Surrounded by coffee plantations, this homestay offers a unique opportunity to experience Wayanad’s coffee culture firsthand. Guests can relish freshly brewed coffee along with traditional Kerala snacks, prepared with love and care.


  1. Meenmutty Heights: Perched atop the hills, Meenmutty Heights offers panoramic views of Wayanad’s breathtaking landscapes. The homestay’s kitchen serves up a variety of Kerala specialties, including appams, puttu, and fish curry, ensuring a gastronomic delight for guests.


  1. Pepper Green Village Homestay: Immerse yourself in the rustic charm of Wayanad at Pepper Green Village Homestay. Here, guests can savor authentic Malabar cuisine cooked in traditional Kerala style, using organic ingredients sourced from the nearby farms.


  1. Tharavad Heritage Resort: Step back in time at Tharavad Heritage Resort, where every meal is a journey into Kerala’s culinary heritage. From elaborate Sadhyas to spicy seafood delicacies, the homestay offers a feast fit for royalty.


  1. Banasura Hill Resort: Surrounded by the majestic Banasura Hills, this resort is a haven for nature lovers and food enthusiasts alike. Guests can enjoy farm-to-table dining experiences, with organic produce sourced from the resort’s own farms.


  1. The Willow Resorts: Nestled amidst dense forests and lush greenery, The Willow Resorts offers a tranquil retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The homestay’s kitchen specializes in authentic Kerala cuisine, showcasing the diverse flavors of the region.


In conclusion, wayanad homestay with food not only provides a comfortable stay amidst nature’s bounty but also offers a culinary journey through Kerala’s rich and diverse cuisine. Whether you’re a spice enthusiast, a seafood lover, or simply craving a taste of authentic Malabar flavors, these homestays are sure to satiate your appetite and leave you craving for more. So, pack your bags and embark on a gastronomic adventure in the heart of Kerala’s Wayanad!


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