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Discover India’s Top 7 Treks

India, a land of diverse landscapes, offers some of the world’s most exhilarating trekking experiences. From the rugged terrains of the Himalayas to the lush greenery of the Western Ghats, India’s trekking routes provide an unparalleled blend of adventure, culture, and natural beauty. Here, we explore the top seven treks in India, with a special highlight on the breathtaking Kashmir Great Lakes Trek.

1. Roopkund Trek

The Roopkund Trek, situated in the state of Uttarakhand, is famous for its mysterious “Skeleton Lake.” This glacial lake, located at an altitude of approximately 16,500 feet, contains human skeletons that are believed to date back to the 9th century. The trek starts from Lohajung and winds through dense forests, alpine meadows, and stunning ridge lines, providing trekkers with spectacular views of Trishul and Nanda Ghunti peaks. The diverse landscape and the mystery surrounding the lake make Roopkund a must-visit trek.

2. Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Arguably one of the most beautiful treks in India, the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek takes adventurers through the pristine landscapes of Jammu and Kashmir. This moderate to challenging trek spans about 70 kilometers and typically takes around 7-9 days to complete. Starting from Sonamarg, the trail meanders through lush meadows, dense forests, and alpine highlands, offering breathtaking views of several high-altitude lakes such as Vishansar, Krishansar, Gadsar, and Satsar. Each lake has its unique charm, often reflecting the surrounding snow-clad peaks. The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is a surreal experience, showcasing the unspoiled beauty of the Kashmir Valley.

3. Chadar Trek

The Chadar Trek in Ladakh is unlike any other trek in India. This winter trek involves walking on the frozen Zanskar River, which transforms into an ice sheet during January and February. The name “Chadar” means blanket, signifying the ice cover over the river. This challenging trek is about 105 kilometers long and takes around 9 days to complete. Trekkers brave the extreme cold, with temperatures dropping as low as -30°C, to witness frozen waterfalls, ice cliffs, and the unique culture of the Zanskar region. The Chadar Trek is a test of endurance and resilience, offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

4. Markha Valley Trek

Another gem in Ladakh, the Markha Valley Trek, is renowned for its dramatic landscapes and cultural richness. Starting from Chilling or Spituk, the trek covers approximately 65 kilometers and takes about 6-8 days. Trekkers pass through remote villages, Buddhist monasteries, and high mountain passes such as Gandala La and Kongmaru La. The stark beauty of the Markha Valley, with its colorful prayer flags, chortens, and traditional Ladakhi homes, leaves a lasting impression. The trek also offers stunning views of Kang Yatse and Stok Kangri peaks.

5. Goechala Trek

The Goechala Trek in Sikkim is a paradise for mountain lovers. This trek offers close-up views of the majestic Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world. Starting from Yuksom, the trail passes through rhododendron forests, alpine meadows, and ancient monasteries, culminating at Goechala Pass at an altitude of 16,207 feet. The trek spans around 90 kilometers and takes 10-11 days to complete. Highlights include the beautiful Samiti Lake and the panoramic sunrise views from Dzongri Top. The Goechala Trek is a blend of natural beauty and spiritual experience, reflecting the serene charm of Sikkim.

6. Har Ki Dun Trek

Located in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, the Har Ki Dun Trek is known for its stunning valley views and rich cultural heritage. This moderate trek starts from Sankri and covers around 47 kilometers, usually completed in 7-8 days. The trail takes trekkers through ancient villages, terraced fields, and pine forests, leading to the Har Ki Dun Valley, also known as the “Valley of Gods.” The valley is surrounded by snow-capped peaks like Swargarohini and Bandarpoonch, making it a photographer’s delight. The trek is also a great way to explore the local lifestyle and traditions of the Garhwali people.

7. Hampta Pass Trek

The Hampta Pass Trek in Himachal Pradesh offers a dramatic crossover from the lush green valleys of Kullu to the barren landscape of Spiti. Starting from Jobra, the trek covers approximately 35 kilometers and is usually completed in 5-6 days. The trail passes through dense forests, flower-filled meadows, and glacial valleys, reaching the Hampta Pass at an altitude of 14,100 feet. The contrasting landscapes on either side of the pass are a visual treat. A detour to the stunning Chandratal Lake, known for its crescent shape and clear blue waters, adds to the trek’s allure.


India’s trekking routes are a treasure trove of natural wonders and cultural experiences. Each trek offers a unique perspective on the country’s diverse landscapes and rich heritage. Among these, the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek stands out for its pristine beauty and serene ambiance, making it a top choice for trekking enthusiasts. Whether you seek the thrill of high-altitude adventures or the tranquility of lush valleys, India’s top treks promise an unforgettable journey into the heart of nature. So pack your bags, lace up your boots, and embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

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