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How to check eligibility for Canada PR pathways in 2024

Want to move to Canada as a permanent resident? After all, the country is one of the topmost overseas destinations known for calling in newcomers. Most of the immigrants who arrive in Canada are from a skilled working background.

Economic migration is one such trend of active immigration which has gained momentum like never before. To come here you need to be eligible for pathways taken to achieve a Canada PR. Evert pathway has its unique requirements. 

This is why you must know how to check eligibility for Canada PR. Once you know whether your profile fits the criteria, half of your job is done. Leave the rest to the paperwork and submission that helps you get an Invitation letter as soon as possible.

In case you want a smooth and hassle-free Canada PR visa journey, you need to hire only the best Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad. Make sure you discuss with them, the kind of PR route you want to take.

Also, let them access your profile and see what Canada PR pathway suits you the best, and will get you a quick PR. Speaking about quick the Express entry application management system helps you get a faster ITA. 

Top Canada PR Pathways for 2024 

  1. Canada Express entry
  2. Provincial Nominee Program
  3. Canada Student Visa
  4. Canada Start-up Visa Program
  5. Family Sponsorship Pathway
  6. Canada Work Permit  

How to check eligibility for Canada PR visa – Top 3 Pathways 

  1. Canada Express entry programs – Eligibility Criteria for 2024 

To be eligible for Canada Express entry you need to score at least 67 points out of 100. This will be based on 6 selection factors:

  1. a) Age -12 points 
  2. b) Work Experience – 15 points 
  3. c)   Educational Qualification -25 points 
  4. d) Language Expertise- 28 points 
  5. e) Arranged Employment -10 Points 
  6. f)     Adaptability – 10 Points 

Asking the question again of how to check eligibility for Canada PR you need to check whether you pass the points mark. 

Once your profile enters the pool and is ranked on the Comprehensive Ranking system you are in the PR race. To calculate your CRS you can even use the CRS score calculator. This will give you an estimate of whether or not you qualify for the cutoff score.

Only high scorers are eligible for receiving a Canada PR visa. There are three programs under Express entry among which you can apply as per your profile and requirements 

  1. Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program
  2. Canada Federal Skilled Trades Program
  3. Canada Experience Class

You even need Skilled work experience which means that you have worked in any 1 of the National Occupational Classification (NOC) TEER categories such as:





This skilled work experience should be in the same profession you wish to use while submitting your immigration application. Also, this experience should be secured with the previous 10 years in either Canada or overseas. 

To make your education points count, if you come from overseas you need an ECA. Also known as Educational Credential Assessment, this must be done by designated entities approved by the IRCC. 

  1. Provincial Nominee Program – Eligibility Requirements for 2024 

This is a smart alternative to get your PR visa without many requirements. Depending on whether your skills are in demand in any of the Canadian provinces, you are sent a nomination. Once you get this you can apply for a Canada PR visa. 

Without a nomination how can you be eligible for a PR visa? For example, even when you apply for PR via the Saskatchewan nominee program you need a nomination. They need to assess your profile and see whether you have a genuine intention to live and economically contribute to the province. 

Depending on this relationship between you and the province, you are granted a nomination. In case, you have an Express entry linked profile you get an added 600 CRS points. 

Other Provinces that you can apply for nomination are:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island

You can directly apply your application to the chosen province or territory.

  1. Canada Start-up Visa ProgramEligibility Requirements for 2024

As an applicant, you can even apply for Canada PR visa through the business route. You can even ask and understand their eligibility requirements from Canada immigration consultants in Hyderabad.

Eligibility Criteria for a startup visa program:

  1. a) Hold a Qualifying business

b)Letter of Support from designated entities such as angel investors, venture capital,l or even a Business Incubator. 

  1. c) Meet the language fluency standards
  2. d) Sufficient Proof of Funds to support yourself till your business is established


Before even moving to Canada as a permanent resident you need to know how to check eligibility for Canada PR visa. Without passing the requirements you cannot be a holder of permanent residence no matter which pathway you choose to immigrate from India to Canada.

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