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How to Know Which Country a Phone Number Belongs To?

In our interconnected world, receiving calls from international numbers is common. Whether it’s for personal or business reasons, knowing the country to which a phone number belongs can be valuable information. In this guide, we’ll explore effective methods to determine the country of a phone number and understand the significance of specific country codes like “62 country code,” “+971 country code,” “+880 country code,” and “+234 country code.”

1. Understanding International Country Codes

What are International Country Codes?

International country codes, also known as dialing codes or calling codes, are numerical prefixes that identify specific countries or regions. These codes are an essential part of international phone numbers, helping route calls to the correct destination.

Examples of Country Codes

  • 62 Country Code (Indonesia): If you come across a phone number starting with +62 country code, it indicates that the call is from Indonesia.
  • +971 Country Code (United Arab Emirates): The country code +971 Country Code signifies that the call originates from the United Arab Emirates.
  • +880 Country Code (Bangladesh): Calls with the +880 country code come from Bangladesh.
  • +234 Country Code (Nigeria): The +234 country code corresponds to calls from Nigeria.

2. Online Phone Number Lookup Tools

How to Use Phone Number Lookup Tools

Several online tools and websites can help you identify the country associated with a phone number. Simply enter the phone number into the lookup tool, and it will provide information about the country, area code, and sometimes even the city.

Considerations When Using Lookup Tools

While these tools are convenient, it’s essential to be cautious about the accuracy of the information. Some tools may not provide up-to-date or reliable data, so it’s advisable to cross-reference information from multiple sources.

3. Check the Country Code During Incoming Calls

Observing the Country Code

When you receive an incoming call, take note of the country code displayed on your phone. This code is typically preceded by a plus sign (+) and is a quick indicator of the country from which the call is originating.

Matching Codes to Countries

Refer to a reliable list of international country codes to match the observed code to the corresponding country. This can be a quick way to identify the origin of a call in real-time.

4. Contacting Your Service Provider

Inquiring with Your Service Provider

If you consistently receive calls from unfamiliar international numbers, consider reaching out to your mobile service provider. They may offer assistance in identifying the country of origin for specific numbers or provide additional security features to filter unwanted calls.


In conclusion, knowing which country a phone number belongs to is a valuable skill in our globalized communication landscape. Whether you use online lookup tools, observe incoming call country codes, or seek assistance from your service provider, staying informed allows you to manage your calls effectively.

As you navigate the world of international calls, remember to exercise caution and verify information through reliable sources. With these methods, you can confidently determine the country of origin for phone numbers and make informed decisions about answering or blocking calls.

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