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The Yamaha FZ16 edition was launched back in 2010 on the primary generation of FZ. The motorbike carries a Blue and White livery whereas its pure White alloy wheels were the main attraction for each purchaser. it had been power-driven by identical 149 cc, single-cylinder FI engine manufacturing fourteen BHP and fourteen Nm of force. The engine comes mated to a 5-speed case and carries 267 mm of hydraulic brake for economical braking. The motorbike weighs 135kgs and claims a high speed of 132 kmph.


  1. The FZ-16 could be a looker and it instantly attracts attention. It’s out of the question to lose focus once you’re watching the new Yamaha – it’s each sonsy and crowd-pleasing. The Indian FZ borrows style cues from its stunning-looking massive brother, the FZ-1, and is equally dazzling to appear at. Negligible body facing is the rule on the FZ-16, with its engine and cycle elements chivalrously noticeable as necessary components of the bike’s general vogue.
  2. The new bike uses beautiful slim-spoke alloy rims in black and also the same colour scheme for its engine, swingarm and silencer. immense section tyres augment its charm, whereas a good, cone-shaped front light source with a pointy beam and tiny town light-weight stares forward from below the FZ’s diminutive liquid show (LCD) instrument bay. The instruments – as well as a rev counter, meter and indicator – provide bushed a sporty-looking digital arrangement.
  3. The new FZ-16 deploys a city-friendly, broad and to some extent, low-set bar, and uses grips with a good feel, marvellous levers, sensible mirrors and enough switchgear. A helpful engine-kill switch is a component of the package, as could be a handlebar-mounted choke lever on the left. There’s a colossal and splendidly carved  model rosin fuel tank as unremarkably found on superbikes, a brushed end alloy fuel filler that sadly, lacks a pivot and comfy knee recesses that fully tuck in a rider’s thighs. The tank is split by a daring secondary colour stripe down its centre, whereas the important 12-litre fuel-storage bay sits placed just under, by design nearer to the bike’s centre of gravity. The FZ-16 comes with a trendy engine cowl, made with vents to direct and scoop airflow straight to the engine and electrical device.
  4. Other spectacular details comprise alloy footrests for each rider associate degreed pillion; an uncovered O-ring sealed drive chain, a nattily dead rip grab-bar and an original rear tyre human. Look closely and you’ll see that the new Yamaha uses a compact sheared silencer that routes itself midship, below the bike’s swingarm and frame, within the section of its rear tyre human. The FZ-16’s flanks and tail square measure elegant, whereas its good tail light-weight is housed at intervals in the rear splash guard.
  5. The new Yamaha uses an all-new, four-stroke, single-cylinder and CV FI engine that displaces 149 cc. The cool powerhouse uses big-size fins on its cylinder, furthermore as cooling fins within the lower sump space of the facility plant.


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