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6 Tips to Help You Successfully Outsource Your HR Operations

Recently, companies have taken a stand to make their businesses more cost-efficient. They are seeking to outsource short-term talent to meet their exclusive needs as and when required, instead of recruiting new employees permanently. This has enabled companies to grow efficiently, with skilled temporary employees saving significant costs in recruitment and training.

Outsourcing HR operations has facilitated businesses to be more agile and use the manpower at work to its full potential.

UAE, specifically Dubai, is a melting pot of businesses set up in the region. The growing business environment is duly supported by HR consultancy and outsourcing companies to supplement the growth trajectory. The idea of HR outsourcing has gained considerable interest and has become a part of business development plans. Companies can gain a lot from such a practice, provided they know the nits and grits of HR outsourcing to use it to their advantage.

HR outsourcing is an arrangement where an external third party manages the HR operations of a business, allowing it to focus on company growth. Depending on its requirements, a company can transfer either the whole HR operation or a part of it, to the external service provider. The company can outsource HR functions such as payroll processing, counseling, talent acquisition, and more for better efficiency. In addition, roping in an HR outsourcing firm also saves cost and precious time.

There are several firms in the UAE offering HR Outsourcing services. However, before getting any of them on board, here are a few tips that you can adhere to ensure a smooth process:

Have a spokesperson:

It is always better to have a single point of contact than multiple people working on the same thing. This keeps the information clear and the communication channel less complex. Choose a person with a higher experience, who is well aware of the company and its needs and has good communication skills.

Functions to outsource:

Clarifying the functions you want to outsource can make the process much smoother. This will enable you to find the right firm by filtering the appropriate ones from the rest. An analysis of what tasks are consuming more time of your HR and need assistance would be beneficial.

The process to cater to the requirements:

There is a particular manner in which HR outsourcing companies work to offer cost-efficient and quality services to their clients. However, what is imperative for you is to be explicit about the extent of the services you want to outsource and determine the process.

Share the knowledge:

HR outsourcing can be tedious and rely primarily on cooperation and knowledge transfer. For better results from the firm, you must be upfront about your company, its needs and its culture to ensure that the HR outsourcing firm gives it adequate attention.

Cost or quality:

This is an endless debate and subjective to respective sectors. HR outsourcing can save considerable costs that one might incur while training and recruiting employees with specialized skills. However, to get the top HR outsourcing company in UAE amidst such high competition would require you to take a risk and invest a little more for uncompromised quality of services.

Prepare for change:

HR outsourcing benefits and aids the growth of a company and thus doesn’t have to be undertaken in the dark. The employees must be aware of the transition so that everyone is prepared and can present their grievances beforehand if any.

UHRS is one of the top HR consultancy in Dubai with an established presence across the UAE, has a noted experience in the outsourcing domain and offers quality and dedicated services to our clients. HR consultancy is one of them. Rest assured that you won’t be disappointed.

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