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Fertility and IVF costs | IVF Center in Lahore

Investing in motherhood and fatherhood is an emotional, physical and financial commitment. Our competitively priced solutions aim to decrease anxiety around IVF Cost in Pakistan so you can begin treatment with confidence. In this way, we will be able to vitrify part of these embryos and transfer them in subsequent cycles, either because the first attempt has not been successful or because we want to have more children.

Are you ready for your consultation?

We understand the sacrifice you are making to bring a child into the family. While the cost of IVF is an important factor in choosing a fertility provider, costs should never be a surprise once you have started treatment. 

All-inclusive pricing plans: IVF treatment costs include everything you need to be successful: lab studies, ultrasounds, tests, egg retrieval, egg fertilization, transfer, cryopreservation, embryo thawing, and one year of storage.

Help with financial decisions: Aurora financial advisors are always available to help you understand IVF costs and decide which fertility pricing option is right for you.

How many eggs are needed to perform IVF?

The ovarian stimulation process applied in In Vitro Fertilization treatments is based on the administration of substances (gonadotropins) that exogenously promote follicular development. The response to stimulation treatment varies significantly from one woman to another depending on her age and ovarian reserve.

To schedule the follicular puncture at the right time, before spontaneous ovulation occurs, and to be able to approximately predict the number of eggs that we will obtain, these two aspects are analyzed: the number and the follicular size.

Why is rest important in an in vitro fertilization treatment?

On the day of oocyte retrieval, complete rest is important to prevent the ovaries from bleeding at the point where they have been punctured.

Another reason why rest is recommended after ivf treatment in pakistan lahore is to avoid ovarian torsion. After stimulation, the ovaries will acquire a size much larger than their usual dimensions, and when exerting effort there is a risk of them turning on themselves. Ovarian torsion is a serious complication that requires urgent surgery and, in some cases, removal of the ovary.

What is the process of in vitro fertilization?

The first step of IVF is to take fertility medications for several months to help your ovaries produce several mature eggs that are ready for fertilization. This is called ovulation induction. You may have obstetric ultrasounds or regular blood tests to measure hormone levels and track egg production.

Usually, you will be given medication to make you comfortable during the procedure. Your doctor will use an ultrasound to look inside your body, then through your vagina, place a thin hollow tube into your ovary  and into the follicles  where the eggs are located. The needle is connected to a suction device that gently removes the eggs from each follicle.


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