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Indulge in a Serene Getaway at Homestays in Goa – A Special Look into Parijaat Homestay

Let’s also talk a bit about homestays in Goa for family and why they are great for an easygoing stay in this awesome part of India.

Goa’s Chill Vibe: Goa is all about the chill life with its calm beaches and easy mood. Homestays here are like your chill spot, giving you that low-stress vacation you’ve been thinking about.

Homestays: Forget big hotels – homestays are like staying at a friend’s place. Local folks run these places, showing you the real Goa and making you feel like you’re part of the gang.

Easy Homestay Options: Pick your style: a cute beach spot, a cozy villa, or a laid-back hut in nature. Homestays are an affordable choice, making you feel at home without breaking the bank.

Friendly Touch: Homestays are about good vibes. Hosts are like your local pals, sharing tips on where to go and making sure your stay is super enjoyable.

Yummy Food: Homestays serve up real Goan food, from tasty seafood to veggie delights. It’s a food adventure right at your doorstep.

Going Green: Homestays in Goa are into eco-friendly stuff, like using cool energy and saving water. You can relax and enjoy your vacation without any worries.

Dive into Local Life: Homestays aren’t just a place to stay – they’re your ticket to local life. Take tours, join in festivals, or cook up some Goan dishes. It’s your chance to make your trip extra special.

Let’s now discover a few best homestays in North Goa.

In this article, we’re keeping it simple and easy, highlighting some comfy homestays in Goa for families that make your stay in Goa memorable without the fuss.

  1. Sunny Homestay – Peaceful Getaway:

Imagine waking up to birds chirping and greenery all around – that’s what Sunny Homestay in Assagao offers. It’s a calm spot with comfy rooms and a pool. The hosts are friendly, and breakfast has that Goan touch. Perfect if you’re looking for a chill vibe.

  1. Beach Breeze Spot – Mix of Old and New:

Beach Breeze Spot in Anjuna gives you the best of both worlds – cozy rooms with a dash of Goan charm. The courtyard is a chill spot, and the hosts make you feel at home. Plus, it’s close to cool places to check out.

  1. Maria’s Place – Time Travel Vibes:

Maria’s Place in Panjim takes you back in time with its old-school Portuguese mansion vibes. Simple rooms with antique furniture make it unique. The hosts love sharing tales about Goa, making your stay special.

  1. Sea Breeze Pad – Steps from the Sand:

For a beachy vibe, Sea Breeze Pad in Calangute is a short walk to the lively beach. The rooms are comfy, and you get your private balcony for a nice view. The hosts are friendly and always have tips for nearby places.

  1. River View Nook – Calm by the River:

River View Nook in Assagao is all about peace by the Mapusa River. Simple rooms, a pool, and a restaurant serving tasty local dishes – it’s your spot for a laid-back time.

Goa is awesome, from the peaceful Sunny Homestay to the beachy Sea Breeze Pad, each one has its unique charm. So, get ready for a relaxed stay that lets you soak in the easy-going vibes of Goa without any hassle.

Let us now talk about one particular homestay that stands out – Parijaat Homestay.

Imagine a cool and peaceful spot in Goa where everything is easy, comfy, and just right. In the quiet corners of Anjuna, there is Parijaat Homestay. It is a hideaway built by Kavita and Manoj Nair to escape the hustle of their corporate worlds. Let’s break it down so you know exactly what makes this homestay awesome.

Where’s the Cool Spot?

It’s in Goa, but not where everyone’s rushing. Parijaat Homestay sits in a quiet corner of Anjuna in North Goa. Super close to nice beaches and green areas, making it a great place to chill and introspect.

Your Cozy Space:

Rooms and cottages at Parijaat Homestay are like a comfy hug. They look a bit Goan and have things like AC, Wi-Fi, and a private bathroom – all the good stuff to make you feel at home.


Friendly Vibes:

The people at Parijaat Homestay are friendly and always ready to help. They know lots about Goa and love sharing cool stories. Sometimes they even throw fun events to show off local life.

Yummy Food:

You can’t talk about Goa without mentioning food! The homestay restaurant cooks up tasty Goan dishes with fresh ingredients. Spicy curries, seafood – you name it!

Activities Nearby:

Parijaat Homestay is not just a chill place; it’s also a launchpad for adventures. Nearby, there are beaches like Palolem and Agonda. The homestay can hook you up with tours to see spice places, wildlife spots, and old churches. And if you’re into crazy water stuff, they got that too!

Go Green:

Guess what? Parijaat Homestay is all about being cool to the planet. They do things to take care of the environment – like being smart with waste, saving energy, and helping local friends.

Parijaat Homestay isn’t simply a place to stay. It’s a whole experience. Whether you’re flying solo or with your crew, it’s the perfect spot to kick back, do some exploring, and make those Goa memories.


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